How to Get Out of a Negative Spiral

Feeling gratitude is the power that will get you back in the flow of Truth.

To wash away resentment, anger, disappointment, frustration, or whatever it is that might have taken you out of the flow, find something to feel grateful for.

It can be a person, a friend, your pet, your health, the food you eat or the bed you sleep in.

Just find something right now and say a heartfelt Thank You out loud.

And if you can’t, if you’re that strongly taken hostage by the darkness then ask the Universe to take you back to appreciation and it will.

Life will help you back to Truth if you just ask it.

There’s a lot to feel appreciation and gratitude for.

It’s the ego that gets resentful, bitter and negative and it’s toxic to the quality of your life if you let it continue.

So ask to be taken back to Truth, back to the feeling of to gratitude right now, because that’s where you belong and that’s where you want be.

You belong in peace and in love.

And if the ego is very strong and resisting, then do something for someone.

Give of yourself to another, or give something away that will make someone happy.

Just give something to someone despite of the egos resistance.

That will help release you from the negative and toxic downward spiral you’re in.

It’s the most powerful thing you can ever do.

To give.

Give love to yourself by doing something for yourself such as forgiving someone, or send someone a thank you note, or an “I love you”.

Whatever pops into your mind, do that.

Or look around you and see all the things and people you have in your life.

It may be little, but that doesn’t matter, just appreciate what you do have.

Be grateful and appreciative.

Realize that the negativity inside of you can be changed and shift into one of appreciation instead.

It can happen quickly too, it’s all up to you.

If you feel the resistance from the ego to do this, then see it as a great thing that you now are seeing through it!

Now you can see what tools it uses to keep you small and angry, so now you have the power to get out of the negative spiral you’re in.

Set yourself free by finding something to appreciate right this moment.

Just do it, and you will very quickly be in a much better place within yourself and with your relationship with Life itself.

Do it, and experience the transformative power of gratitude!

Power of gratitude
Stay in love with life by finding something to appreciate – especially in times of distress or inner turmoil and frustration. It will help you get back to Truth where you belong.


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