Synchronicity and aligned decisions

Negative Synchronicity: Why it happens and what to do about it

A negative or undesirable synchronicity sometimes shows up as a way-shower to point you in the right direction.

A direction or path that is more appropriate and in alignment with who you’ve become, or are in the process of becoming (the next best version of yourself).

If something synchronistic happens and you don’t feel good or right about it, don’t think that Life is guiding you in that direction.

You are not meant to go back to an ex or an old job that doesn’t vibe with you anymore just because you see a “sign” that seems to point you in that direction!

And if an opportunity comes your way that doesn’t feel aligned (even if it promises you a lot of money or something else that you’d really like to have!), trust it and say no to it and know that something that is in alignment is just around the corner, and it can only show up for you if you dare to let go of that which isn’t vibing with you.

To be true to yourself is essential; you have to have the courage to trust yourself.

Wrong-feeling signs and synchronicities can come to your awareness because some aspect of your old self is still alive in you that you need to let go of (that needs to “die“).

Life is always taking you Higher, not lower. You’re always meant to progress, not regress. Always move into and towards more Light and that which adds more LIFE to your life.

The “negative” synchronicities shows up so that you can become even more clear about the path that you really want to embark on.

It’s one of the ways the Universe helps you make your point of focus (on the aligned things) even stronger.

If you understand the true and deeper meaning of it and allow it to show you that there’s a higher path for you, then all you have to do is to choose it.

Meaning, don’t get caught into the belief that Life wants you to do something you’ve either outgrown, or that just don’t fit or match the new you that you have become.

If you hold on to some old aspects of yourself the negative synchronicities can show up to show you that ‘hey, you’re not that anymore/that’s not for you anymore, you need to change direction and reject the old’.

So if the synchronicity feels wrong, bad, or out of alignment somehow, trust your intuition, and go in the direction of the Unknown instead.

That’s where your new (or more aligned) life is and that’s what Life is pointing you towards.

We’re always evolving and going higher in life, that’s why it’s so important to increase your self-awareness so that you can pick up the right cues and signs from the Universe.

Follow your highest excitement and reject that which brings you a feeling of dread or that is contracting you.

If there’s a remnant of something old that needs to be released in you, it sometimes shows up as a “negative” synchronicity.

What you need to do if this happens is that you ask yourself if the synchronicity is expanding you or contracting you, if it’s making you feel weaker or more confident and empowered.

If it makes you feel smaller, then know it’s a signpost with a different meaning than what the false self would like to have you believe (simply because it doesn’t like change).

It’s like red flag where the Universe is making you aware that you need to become more focused on the new you, on your new path, and relinquish the old, even if it feels scary to do that.

See the negative synchronicty as a loving stopsign from the Universe, asking you to stop, become aware, and consider the path you really want to embark on instead of the path that belongs to the past, to the old you.

When this happens, when there’s a synchronicity in your life that you don’t like or vibe with and it kind of gets in your face and is insisting on that you see it, ask yourself why it’s there.

Ask yourself; “Why am I seeing this?”, and then you will hear the inner voice telling you exactly why, and it’s always about letting go of something, or an aspect of yourself that is old and out of alignment with who you are Now.

You are not meant to follow or respond to every synchronicity (or sign for that matter!) that comes your way – only the ones that feels right in your heart (even if you don’t consciously understand them at the time).

And “right” doesn’t mean that every decision we make in life is “easy” or “feels good”.

Sometimes decisions can be hard/uncomfortable/painful/scary etc. to make, but the choices that are right for us always has a feeling of “rightness” to them.

If the synchronicity brings your vibration down in some way (like for example if you feel dread or if your heart sinks in some way), you have the choice of rejecting it.

If something doesn’t sit well with you (for any reason at all) you have free will to choose to let it go and instead adjust your focus towards that which is in alignment with who you are or want to be (the new, higher version of you).

Become even more focused on that, that’s how you resolve the conflict within and with what you really want.

Go within for a moment ask yourself what the most aligned decison or choice would be when the negative synchronicities show up in your life and your inner being will tell you.

And know that the reason they’re showing up for you at this time in your life is because you’re ready to let something go, so don’t be afraid of releasing it.

Trust the New, the Unknown, and yourSelf.

That’s how and where your greatest and most empowering and inspiring life is and unfolds from!

Society Marbella Magazine September 2019, Article by Maria Erving, Brad Pitt cover
Society Marbella Magazine September 2019, Article by Maria Erving

If you’re in Costa del Sol in Spain or Gibraltar area be sure to pick up the September 2019 edition of Society Marbella Magazine and read my article (page 44-45) on how to experience more synchronicity in your life! 😊

In the August edition of Society Marbella Magazine I wrote about how to listen to your intuition, your inner guidance system, and in this issue I’m sharing about the ‘outer’ guidance we all have access to and which often comes in the form of synchronicity.

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