Update from Nerja!

The first day or two was hell, the next was pure heaven.

I won’t go into any details, I just want to move on and get on with my life, but the first place where I was suppose to stay at until June did not work out at all and I have not felt such unease and being so uncomfortable for ages and all I could think of was how to get away from there.

So I turned to prayer. (Yes, you read right:)

Not to a God, but I said something like “If there is a higher power, now would be a great time to come forth and help me, because if there’s any time I would need some invisible hands to help me get away from this, this is it.

And when you help me I will tell the world about it”.

Then I said “I need to get away from here TODAY, and if I don’t, then I have to go back to Scandinavia, I cannot for the world stay here where I am right now, it’s just not possible. So a new place today or I’ll have to go back basically”.

And now the good part;

Things started to happen immediately. I went out and talked with a few rental agents and one thing lead to another and it was amazing how everything just fell into place when it came to timing and so forth between the completely spontaneous meetings I had.

I was shown a couple of small apartments (studios) and one of them spoke to my heart and there was an urgency within me to just say Yes to it even though it’s outside of my price range. (Most of them were anyway and from what I have heard afterwards what I did get was a bargain). 

I felt it in my heart that the place was the right one for me and the people were really kind and helpful – You know the feeling when you meet someone and you just immediately know you really like them? That was how I felt.

So to make a long and hectic story of the day short; I was able to move in the same day and the timing of everything was absolutely perfect.

As I went through the day, step by step things fell into place and all of it felt so very, very right.

That afternoon when I finally got my stuff into my new place I sat down and breathed a sigh of relief and I was ecstatically happy, it was like being in heaven and after that I don’t know how many times I have teared up of gratitude and thought how fortunate am I to have this lovely little place, how awesome is it to have my own place where I can be free, take a proper shower, sit outside and enjoy the sun, drink coffee in the morning listening to the birds outside.

The financial part will just have to work out somehow and I feel it will too.

My rent is obviously higher now that I have a place of my own, but the situation I was in was unbearable so I know I did the right thing – I could never in a million years been able to stay where I had planned to stay for three months, never.

So here I am, it’s morning here and I’m having my first cup of coffee in my new place.

By chance (again:) I met a very nice lady the other day and I think we will become good friends.

The way we met also felt very much as destiny and we both mentioned that to each other and I am very glad to have a new friend here not only because I didn’t know anybody but also it feels like a gift to me that she came into my life.

Yesterday I was at her place and she gave me some kitchen supply, towels and also a coffee maker so this morning was the first day I had coffee in Spain and last night was my first proper hot meal, so things are slowly settling down now and it feels really great.

I also got some plants which I am so happy for, it makes my new home look more homey:)

And my landlords are so lovely. They are an elderly Spanish couple and so caring and kind.

They don’t speak any English and I don’t speak Spanish (yet:) but we manage communicating okay.

They came with flowers to me yesterday too and I was so touched by that. God I think I’m going to cry again! 🙂

So far I have not had much access to Internet while here, and I have not had time to settle in completely just yet, have some things to sort out in my apartment such as unpacking and cleaning and so on, and also getting a phone number and so forth.

The most important thing is that I’m here! And I am so grateful and happy I can’t even tell you.

I think by next week I will have things more in place and so forth and will be able to write more and get back on track with everything from then on.

And by then I will also have some pics to show you, so until then, take care and much love to you all! 

Nerja beach

One of the beaches in Nerja, which I hope I can enjoy more in a few days time.

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  1. anonymous

    a beautiful update maria 🙂 happy to hear you are enjoying your new place and first few days in nerja! 🙂

    to much beauty and joy-filled experiences ahead of you..

  2. Thank you so much! 🙂 It’s still a bit hectic and lots of things to sort out not to mention all emails to reply to as I had no access to my mail for many days last week but I’m getting there:)

    I’m hoping to have things more in place in a few days, at least before the weekend.

    I love Nerja, it’s a lovely little town and the people and atmosphere is awesome! Will share more later:)

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