Never settle for mediocraty!

Never settle for mediocrity! True success in life can only come by not settling for mediocrity, we should always strive to live the best life imaginable and yet expect to receive the goodies of life beyond our own dreams we have for ourselves. To become successful we need to have self-discipline and not giving in at the first hurdle we come across or going into a project only halfheartedly, but by pushing yourself that little bit further you will be surprised at what you are capable of achieving, this is what separates the winners from the ‘losers’ or the successful from the unsuccessful. Not that there are any “losers” in life per se, but there are most definitely people that lose out because they don’t have the courage or willingness to go the extra mile.

Most people say that they want to succeed in life at whatever they do but very few are willing to actually push themselves them little bit further in order to achieve their goals, and this is why some of us succeed in life and others don’t. How well you succeed is all about how bad you want the success, what it means to you, are you willing to succeed a little or are you willing to go the whole way and go beyond to merely achieve something and instead go forth and be absolutely outstanding?

We all start out with the best of intentions when racing towards the goals we have set, we shoot out of the starting gate and run down the straight but many of us fall back at the first hurdle, we don’t push, we run out of steam when the going gets tough and don’t pause to catch our second wind but come to a halt and give up, or stumble on halfheartedly with no real belief in ourselves.

Those who do have the winning streak in them, who know that with a little extra push and a pause to catch their breath now and and are the ones that end up with the glory and true success in life. Of course all those who are successful don’t just rely on pushing themselves, all achievers have a strategy and are willing to be flexible on their way to success because life has a way of throwing many different spanners into the works along the way. We have to be able to adapt to these unexpected happenings when they occur and not get bogged down, we have to take them in our stride, skip around them and continue following our passions with enthusiasm and determination!

Never settle for anything less than giving it you’re all

Here are some tips to help you remember never to settle for anything but your best no matter what the project is:

  • It doesn’t matter how big or small the project is; put your all into getting it completed
  • If you think you have given it your best shot, pause and ask yourself “could I improve”
  • Plan our your project but always be willing to make changes and work your way around the unexpected
  • It’s OK to pause now and then, and it’s important to take some time out now and then – give yourself a pat on the back often. Sometimes we need to take a step back and see the bigger picture and let the universe orchestrate for us new openings and opportunities when we let go a bit.

Don’t get obsessed with your striving so that it becomes a burden – instead keep you energy high and go with it passionately, go with the momentum of things and more wonderful things will be revealed to you as you go forth!

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