A New Level of Awakening (2/2)

Continuing from part 1; ..

When I got there I sat there for a few hours just meditating and talking with God about everything I had experienced in the past few months prior to that, my cat’s death was one of them, but I had also had some profound spiritual openings and awakening experiences that had left me with a mind that was renewed and in a higher consciousness than before.

Anyways, many things had happened.

I was a new person – or a new creature, and I spoke to God about all these things and said that as I walk down the mountain, I would leave the remnants of my old self behind me.

(When you walk down the mountain where the Cruz de Pinto is, there’s a hiking trail on the other side of the mountain where it’s much easier to walk).

I felt that that was the reason God had sent me up there and as I walked down the mountain, I literally felt my new life emerging from within for each step I took, it was like I was walking into my new life, and I was.

Then a few days later or so I suddenly got this very strong urge to take everything that had to do with my vision that I had created during the year, all my writings, all my notebooks that was filled with details, all the work that I had done, all my – well, EVERYTHING that had to do with my vision, my ”God-box” included,.. everything

I was inspired to take literally everything with me and go up to the mountain again and burn them there. 

So I did. I almost ran there with my stuff, determined to just give it away, all of it, to offer it all to God, or Life! 

So once again I climbed the mountain (from the difficult, steep side of the mountain as a symbolic act) but this time I wasn’t as nervous as I was the first time I climbed it and when I arrived to the top of the mountain I again stayed there for a few hours.

And I burned my stuff, all of it, and I meditated and prayed and so on.

It felt great, a very special moment in my life.

(I have done these types of things all my life in different periods of my life, I love the ritualistic process, it’s very freeing.)

And then when I was ready to leave I once again said something like;

”I’m leaving the old self’s remnants behind me and all my desires, visions, all the stuff I had burned up there, I leave it to God, it no longer belongs to me and I don’t care what happens with it, it’s not in my hands anymore”

And as I walked down the mountain again I felt great, it was very freeing and liberating. 

And then some time later (a few weeks later or so I think) I once again was guided to go up to the mountain and so I did, but this time I didn’t have anything with me, I just felt drawn to go there to meditate and ”be” and so off I went, and again I stayed there for a few hours and just sat there, talking with God about everything. 

That time when I left the mountain I knew I wasn’t going to go back, I felt that I was ‘done’, meaning ‘done’ with what this particular transformational process had given me; it was now completed.

All had been let go of, and I had given myself over to Life, all desires and dreams included.

So when this move came about (when I had to move out) there was a feeling within me that this had to do with my awakening, and then when it happened just when the resurrection of Jesus and all that happened (Easter), I kind of felt that that too had to do with my own personal transformation and awakening as well. (We are all both Jesus and Christ.)

A lot of things had happened prior to that, many things that I have not shared with anybody, a lot of spiritual experiences.

So fast-forward to today;

I’m in a totally different level of awareness and awakening now, I’m completely changed as a person and right now I’m in one of those ‘silent’ phases where nothing much happens in regards to my consciousness (or inner work); I have entered into the rest of God.

I tried to listen to an audio-book yesterday but realized that this new level is a completely new level, so books that I liked only a few days ago, or last week, or the week before that, they no longer resonate with me, I have outgrown them. 

I have outgrown all the teachings I have learned throughout the past year and now a new world is opening up for me that I look forward to to explore.

Usually when I either write about my experiences where I have come to a new level of consciousness, then usually something new opens up a day of a few days after that, so I’m curious about what this next phase will bring me and where it will take me.

I’ll go wherever Life wants me to go, maybe now on an even deeper level than before because now my own plans (which Life told me to create last year) has been let go of and I have created a vacuum where whatever God (or Life) has for me has room to enter.

It’s a wonderful place to be in, but I always love the new, more action-oriented phases that begins as well because I’m by nature an individual who loves evolution and development and expansion of consciousness.

I just love growing and exploring and learning. 

Everything is always in a process of dying and we’re always also in a process of re-birthing – and I don’t even know how many times I have died in my life so far!

The transformation never ends and Life is curious by nature – and I am Life.

And so the saga continues, ..! 🙂

Thank you all for being part of my journey, you are more appreciated than you can know.

Much Love to you all! ♥

Maria and Sari

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You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

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