A New Level of Awakening (1/2)

I started to feel a sense of completion of a transformational cycle maybe a week or two before I moved out from my apartment in Nerja where I woke up one morning experiencing a shift that had taken place in my consciousness.

I have been through a huge learning curve in regards to prosperity consciousness almost since I moved to Spain (a year of intens inner work in regards to that particular subject.)

A short while after I moved to Spain Life showed me what was next for me and as I shared in my Teleclass about tithing, I went full throttle into learning and implementing all the things I was guided to apply into my own life about (financial) prosperity.

Life always shows us what is next for us to learn and for me it was about that, and I am a very dedicated person, I mean when Life shows me something, I obey, I do what I’m guided to do, and I do it with passion and intensity.

So, anyways,

I began to feel a shift a couple of weeks before I moved and yesterday I woke up being a completely different person yet again, just like many times before when the awakening have reached a deeper level within my own soul and beingness.

This process has been going on for a while of course, it’s not something that just happens overnight even if it does happen ‘overnight’!

I know it sounds contradictional, but a shift that is ”sudden” has usually been brewing for while and the more shifts you have had the more you learn to recognize them, yet they still kind of surprise you when they happen.

I’m again a new person, I’m not even the same person as I was only a couple of days ago.

Life has changed me again and I’m in a new level of consciousness and with that there’s a change in life as well.

Life will never be the same again after a shift and it always follows with a period where not much happens inwardly; the ‘learning curve’ (and “un-learning”) has come to a completion and there’s rest and ‘beingness’ where we dwell for a while and where not much action is taking place at all.

All the books has been read, all the audios has been listened to, all the things learned has been implemented and applied to our own individual lives, and there’s a sense of ‘having done all’, so we let go and we enter into a rest.

This is the rest of God, where there is nothing but peace and waiting for the next step to be shown.

This is a period where I don’t do any inner work at all, besides from meditation of course, although I don’t call that ‘inner work’, it’s more a way of life.

Just as eating breakfast everyday I also meditate everyday – even though in this period it’s usually not as much as ‘normally’.

One of my readers wrote me about this the other day and he shared with me that he’s in a period where he’s not ”seeking” anything, and that’s what happens to all of us in periods as everything goes in cycles.

Even though I have never resonated with the word ”seeker” (I’m a ”finder”), I know exactly where he is in his process, because it’s a natural phase, or step, in the transformational process, to not be doing anything particular when it comes to spirituality.

Transformation is a process that never ends – And thank God for that! 

How boring life would be if we just stopped evolving and developing.

So when we reach a new level of awakening (a new depth), when our awakening deepens, there’s a letting go that takes place, a surrender, and today I wanted to share a personal experience of my own letting go process in this particular learning curve because it was a very special experience to me.

Okay, ..

So it began about a year ago when I was told (by my inner God) that I was not going to receive a vision, but that I was going to create one.

At first I was kind of arguing with God about it, because I had already left all the law of attraction stuff (”create your own reality” etc) behind me some years ago (you know all about that as I have shared it here on my website) when I had one of my most profound and life-changing spiritual awakening experiences, but of course I was a totally different person then so God told me that it was not going to be like it was back then.

So I said ”okay, then, I’ll do it” and I began to create my vision (not in a “law of attraction”-kind of way; I just used that word now because most people can relate to it that way), and one of the things in my vision was to become prosperous, financially that is, or especially in my finances because that was an area of my life where I had had a lot of challenges and I wanted to change that.

I’ll leave out all the details, but I can share with you that what I have done this past year in regards to that has been on a much deeper level than I ever did before when I was all into the law of attraction stuff, it’s so different from what I did back then that I can’t even compare it.

I did a lot of consciousness work, a lot, and in a completely different way than I have ever done before in the past when I have been creating my vision for my life. 

I did everything Life showed me, all kinds of things, some of them plain weird lol! but I had a blast, I enjoyed it all and I learned a lot.

In this year of transformation in regards to my prosperity consciousness there has been many, many transitional phases as well, and then it just came more and more into a completion, and when my cat died in December last year (2014), I got a intuitive feeling that said that he died because his time with me was meant to end and that he was not going to be able to come with me to my next phase in life.

So I have felt since then that a huge life-change was about to happen soon, and this, where I’m at right now, is a part of that change.

During the year I created and worked on my vision the inner work came to a completion as I just shared with you and how this happened for me was a beautiful process that I want to share with you: 

A few months ago, in the beginning of this year, I was out walking somewhere where I hadn’t walked before and the nature was breathtakingly beautiful, I was in tears of how blessed I was to be able to experience this kind of nature.

Suddenly I saw a couple coming down from a mountain and I asked them where they came from and they told me about a sanctuary (or ‘praying-place’) at the top of the mountain where they had just come down from, and I immediately knew that God had sent me to go there, so I asked the couple if it was safe for me to climb up there as I was alone and the mountain is steep and not very safe.

They said that I should be able to go to the mountain top and I felt intuitively that I should, that I was lead to go up there, so off I went.

My God I was scared as I walked/climbed up the mountain! 

All I could think was ”I keep my eyes on God, I keep my eyes on God” and NOT the mountain views – my eyes were glued on the ground and my mind was glued to God.

After a while I finally reached the mountain top and I was thrilled – it was sooo beautiful that even now that I’m thinking back and watching the video clip I posted on Instagram (see below) I’m in tears.

The view from there is absolutely stunning, it’s panoramic (you can see the whole of Nerja and all the way to Frigiliana) and it’s just plain awesome, I don’t know what else to say about it.

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#LaCruzDePinto in #Nerja #Spain

A video posted by Maria Erving (@mariaerving) on

This is the small sanctuary building at the mountain top, it’s called “Cruz de Pinto” and it’s constructed in 1643.

The story goes (or, the local legend) that Fransico de Pinto found himself on Nerja’s shores in charge of three ships when after a terrible storm, they started to sink.

Saint Francisco de Pinto was desperate and asked God for help, promising him that in return for saving his and his crews lives that he would build a sanctuary in the highest visible mountain after the storm.

And after God saved them this sanctuary was built and ever since that happening “Cruz de Pinto” has been of great cultural and spiritual importance to Frigiliana and Nerja.


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