july 2019 new moon solar eclipse

Use the July 2019 New Moon Solar Eclipse for New Beginnings

It doesn’t matter if you believe in this stuff or not, you can simply see this as a symbolic exercise that will help bring new oomph and aliveness into your life.

Every full moon there’s always some kind of ending or completion where we naturally finish up things and make ourselves ready for a new phase to begin.

And with new moons it’s the opposite yet it’s similar in the sense that there’s also the completion of things but you can also strongly feel the new energy building up just before the new moon takes place.

Full moons symbolizes endings while new moons symbolizes new beginnings.

Maybe you can relate to this in your own life in some way or another.

I often see this happening with people who have no interest whatsoever in any spiritual or personal growth stuff too.

People just seem to be more prone to clean out their closets or drawers for example around full moons without knowing it’s a natural time for releasing things that are no longer useful or that has served its purpose.

They just get this urge to purge, clean and clear out the old (both internally and externally) without realizing that they ‘always’ do some of that around full moons.

Maybe you can see this happening in your life too.

Just look at your immediate family and friends and see if you can see this clearing-out/things coming to an end-process happening in their lives (and maybe in your own life too if you haven’t been unaware of this before).

New moon solar eclipses only happens 2-3 times every year, and it is said to be like a “new moon on steroids” so today I invite you to make use of its powerful energies.

The next new moon solar eclipse is on Tuesday evening here in Spain (you can check the Time&Date Site for when it is where you live).

So up until then, do a huge “spring-cleaning” in your life! 😊

Clean out your closets, organize your computer files, give things away that you don’t use anymore and so on.

Sometimes we hold on to things and clothes etc. that we haven’t even used so why not give them to someone else that can benefit or enjoy them?

Declutter and get rid of stuff today as a symbolic ritual that will help you open up to more newness and flow in your life.

Then when the new moon solar eclipse comes, you can make a different ritual where you just sit down for a few moments and declare that you have now let go of the old in your life and that you’re ready for the new.

As you do this, think about something NEW that you can do, starting in the days right after the solar eclipse.

What NEW things do you want to set in motion or invite into your life?

Think about those things and get ready for the new! 😊

And enjoy this process – it can be very liberating and exciting!

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