All Beliefs Are Equally False

Children give Santa life by imagination, that’s pretty obvious and we can all see that, but look a bit further and you’ll see how millions of people all over the world are also giving their gods life by their imagination and it’s by the very same mechanism!

Beliefs are what keeps the false in place, what keeps humanity imprisoned, what confines and restrict people all over the world and especially in countries that has a very strong religious culture.

Today I received a whole bunch of upset comments (which are too immature to be approved and posted on my site) from someone and the comments were filled to the brim with all kinds of different beliefs.

The person was very upset with some of my most recent posts about India and was calling me things yet at the same time mentioning to me that I should always “be positive” and compassionate and loving because that’s how “a spiritual person” should behave and talk.

Look, the things I wrote about India (that it’s unclean etc) are merely opinions and some may think differently (which is perfectly fine), although I doubt it if they have ever been there and seen it for themselves.

But hey, we all have a different concept about cleanliness! And other things in life as well for that matter. 

My point is that I don’t think I have to point that out every time I open my mouth or put a disclaimer after every opinion I share where I explain these things.

I give my readers a little bit more credit than that since most of them are intelligent people, but yes, I do encounter people sometimes that actually need to hear that I don’t claim my opinions to be The Truth.

With that said, my “opinions” are not based on belief, they are always based in direct experiences and my own personal observations. 

Even some Indian people have agreed with me on the points I’ve made and obviously I’m not talking about a whole race, that ALL Indian men stare at you or that ALL Indian people are such and such.

It doesn’t matter to me what your viewpoints are about anything because all I see is someone who is voicing their opinion and I think it’s good for you for doing that.

I mean if you or anyone else has have something to say then say it but if you want to get your comments approved on my website you kind of have to say them in more intelligent ways.

You are 100% free to think whatever you want about me and my articles but keep it on topic (conversational and engaging) when commenting and keep out the name-calling.

It’s immature and ignorant and have no place here on this website.

Moving on, .. 

What I want to talk about today is the power of beliefs – when you believe your thoughts to be true to the point that you make them the Truth (like religious beliefs for example as this particular reader shared theirs with me). 

The stronger the emotional attachment that someone has to their beliefs (like the all worked up reader who wrote me has), the more emotional fuel they give them and that just adds to the delusion.

That’s how beliefs are kept alive; by emotion (most of the time the emotion is fear, guilt etc) and the more convinced you are that they are true the more you defend them and this then leads to fanaticism, dogma etc.

It’s the emotional attachment that binds you to your self-made prison, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

You have the freedom to question them, but with this said I have one more observation to share about the Indian culture at large and that is that I continuously saw how the average Indian brain has not been as developed as the Western brain when it comes to using logic and reasoning.

I saw many examples of this on a daily basis and it’s neither “wrong” or “bad”, it was just very interesting to observe how humanity is held back by religion and culture and this is also what keeps the culture in an undeveloped state, simply because most people never question their status quo.

They just go along with whatever culture says, or what their religious says, and yes, absolutely more so there than here in Europe and the rest of the Western world.

Again, just my own personal observation – you might not see what I see (and probably don’t) and that’s fine.

The only thing between my seeing and yours is a thought, or belief (that you have and I don’t), and that belief-system is what keeps you on one level of consciousness continuously and where you can hope for very little growth beyond what your perceive as “reality”.

My point is that those structures (which are made of beliefs and ideas) that hold your reality together are completely useless; in reality we don’t need belief at all. 

Beliefs are what creates walls but once those beliefs are seen through the walls fall and crumble and what is left is Truth and clear seeing.

This is what emptiness means. To be empty of beliefs, theories, ideas, ideologies, concepts, etc etc and this includes all beliefs; even spirituality will eventually be abandoned! (This is when emptiness is finally understood to its core).

The universe of the fish is the pond he swims in. Think about that for a moment.

It doesn’t have any other reference points, it doesn’t have any other experience and if the fish is comfortable in his pond (even if he suffers because he’s afraid of disturbing the status quo or simply lack the awareness of his ability to do so) it sees no reason to think otherwise or question anything.

You have isolated yourself in a pond of belief and you can’t see beyond it but there’s a whole world out there yet to be seen and that seeing can only come about when beliefs are removed.

That’s what liberation and freedom is about!

It’s the release and relief from beliefs, but the moment you buy into emotions and identify with them and get all worked up you have once again imprisoned yourself and on an even deeper level than before (that’s how beliefs gets ingrained).

Now, with this said, this is not to be confused with not feeling emotions (suppressing them) but in the context of keeping beliefs in place the emotional energy is the food or fuel for the ego level of consciousness.

And as long as this is sustained by the fact that you’re easily offended by other peoples opinions you will keep swimming around in your own little pond forever.

You are the one that has the beliefs (and can therefor dissect them) but in one regard the beliefs are what has you as well so until awareness comes you will not be able to see this.

You could look at it in this way; is a hallucination real? Is the boogieman real? Yes, and obviously no. Just as Santa is real until you see he’s not.

When a hallucination is believed to be real it can scare you, frighten you, even make you panic, and that’s because the mind is attached to the appearance and given continuous life by emotional energy (fear).

Even “the love of god” is based in the appearances made by the mind (imagination) when you look deeply into it. 

This is what awakening is; the liberation from beliefs.

Whatever you or others believe, I don’t.

I see beliefs as silly, some are just more silly than others and being outside of the world of beliefs and looking in I see with crystal-clear clarity that what most people call “life” is actually not life at all; it’s a lie (false), but until you’re out of it you can’t see it.

You can sense it, you can ‘know’ it somewhere deep inside of you that the life you live is not the real life, but you can’t see it clearly until you’re out of it. 

You being offended by my articles is just your present level of consciousness reacting by a completely mechanical and compulsive movement of thought and ingrained beliefs about this and that where you have simply conformed to ideas and concepts in your mind and taken them as being true.

Like the belief you have about how I should behave, talk and write. You know, all the compassion and love stuff you mentioned in your (angry) emails and all the other ideas you hold about enlightenment.

All simply beliefs that you take for Truth and then get all worked up about because someone is not fitting into your mold of how it ‘should’ be and look.  

That’s all it is and that I really mean ALL.

It’s so incredibly obvious and simple to me and once you see this too (if you ever will) you will know what it means, but not before that.

Truth is very, very simple and it’s just below the thick crust of beliefs that your life is built upon. 

Here’s a few questions that I invite you to ask yourself regarding your beliefs about anything:

(But maybe most of all your religious and spiritual beliefs because those are the ones that has the strongest emotional attachment to them).

Why do you think “whatever it is that you think/believe”? 

On what basis do you believe those things? Did someone tell you that that’s how it is and then you believed it?

Where does the belief come from? From your own experience, or were you told by someone that they are true/that it is so?

Can you know what you think you know for sure, and if yes, how do you know that for sure?

What can you know for sure? Name one thing you know is true, about anything (and then dissect that belief too until you see the falseness of it).

And let’s now pretend that you find something that IS true (which you can’t but anyway, just to keep you going deep enough with this), what makes it different from the opposite of that?

Can the opposite be equally true..? and if so then how can that be true as well..?

What is really true, what is real?

See through the whole construct of belief one belief at a time until it starts a snowball effect in your consciousness and you’ll eventually be liberated from all of them.

false beliefs
Yeah, and Jesus is coming soon as well to help us out.. The level of spiritual growth when it comes to humanity at large is massively underdeveloped.


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  1. I see beliefs on the same level as a hypothesis – they’re part of the scientific process of discovering truth by specifying questions and inviting the opportunity for confirmation through direct experiences, through repetition as well as eliminating falsehood, given that there is enough awareness. Belief acts as a sort of invitation for itself to be challenged by truth, and as a stepping stone it’s pretty useful, given that it’s not mistaken as the destination.

  2. Your comment is too wordy Yunfan, I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make. Please be more specific and clear, it will make it easier for me to reply to it.

    Sharing a direct personal experience of what you’re trying to convey would be great.

  3. I agree with you in that all beliefs are false, but after eliminating most (if not all) of my deep seated beliefs I began to see them under a different light. I used the notion of ‘scientific hypothesis’ as an analogy to say that the idea of beliefs is just the spiritual counterpart to that – both share the same purpose in the process of uncovering the truth.

    I apologize for not making much sense in the last post. I don’t know what’s going on, but recently I’ve been losing my abilities to articulate myself through words, in fact, a disconnection with all ‘forms’ is what it feels like. I described the phenomenon in detail on my blog a few days ago and I invite you to check it out if interested. Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. Whatever works – do it. I don’t care what you call it or how you do it.

    The main thing here is that it’s about you and your inner work so that you’re able to see through the false.

    Just keep it real with yourself and be brutally honest and go all the way until there is nothing more to uncover.

    I want to hear about you here on my website (and not elsewhere) so simply comment below any of my articles if you’d like to share any experiences etc and I’ll get back to you.

    Please be as clear as you can even if you have to make an effort to be that and I will do my best to meet you where you are.

    (Try to state a question so that there is something specific I can address).

  5. Ganesh

    Hi Maria,

    Fear & Guilt are thoughts in the form of negative energy. Why there is more fear generate while doing let go of such energy? How we overcome this?

    After some time I found vast emptiness within and secured feeling is there which provides relief and calm. Then I found that this emptiness is the extension of me. How I experience this secured emptiness all the time?

    Please clarify.


  6. How about if you didn’t see fear and guilt as “negative energy”?

    How about if you didn’t say it was negative, bad, wrong or even right or good about any feeling?

    How about just letting it be without calling it bad, wrong, negative, good, right etc etc..?

    Feel into that. “How about if i just let this feeling be?” (whatever the feeling may be).

    I didn’t understand your question (please clarify with a personal experience) where you wrote:

    “Why there is more fear generate while doing let go of such energy? How we overcome this?”

    And please clarify for me what you mean by “secured emptiness”.

    Emptiness is neither secure or not secure, it’s empty.

    It means to be empty of beliefs, theories, ideas, ideologies, concepts, etc etc and this includes all labels we put on things etc.

    So it’s not possible to call it “secure”.

    When emptiness is understood to its core it’s not something you have to hold on to (you can’t), it’s a beingness, it is not an “extension” of anything.

    Please clarify what you meant.

  7. Ganesh

    Hi Maria,

    Actually I am experiencing this fear again from last two weeks. This let go process is new for me. In 2009 when my personal business was crashed; I got succumbed into the tremendous fear because there was a lot of financial pressure on me.
    The fear was so terrific that I thought i am going to die. After some medication, some financial help from relatives and my routine meditation brought me back to the routine. That time I was helpless. When fear comes , I was only chanting God names continuously.
    Now I am doing my daily job and satisfied with that. Still recently unknown fear comes with very resonable disappointments and I felt agitated with that.
    Now when I am doing let go to the fear …Yes though i am feeling it as it comes..but while feeling it I think it aggravate on it’s own … or may be my mind gets identified with it unknowingly. and at the same time I am witnessing it also. But not fully … half heartedly you can say.
    My question is how can I witness it fully? without any concern and being neutral to that feeling?

    What I mean by secured emptiness is that emptiness which makes me cool, relax in compare with my previous agitated feeling.


  8. Thank you Ganesh for clarifying and sharing from your own personal experiences.

    Financial fear is probably the biggest fear that exist on this planet today and I have had them myself too in the past so I know what it’s like.

    I take it that those types of fears are again coming back again for you, is that what you mean? Even if you’re doing alright financially today?

    If so it only means that some old stuff (fear) is still being purged and released so it comes up to your conscious awareness as agitation and friction.

    It simply disturbs you present state of consciousness as you are consciously ‘over’ the fear, yet still it comes up even if it feels irrelevant for you today to be fearful about money.

    Here’s an old audio I’ve recorded (it’s free) that I believe will shed some light into where you find yourself at this moment:

    The last question you stated answered itself (but here’s a post that might be helpful to you:

    You wrote: “My question is how can I witness it fully? without any concern and being neutral to that feeling?”

    The answer is in the question.

    Make the effort and see what happens. It’s really about allowing feelings to be (witness them) and then the ‘being without concern’ happens all by itself.

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