No Clue What To Do?

Many people think that they have to hone in on one specific “purpose” or path and then stick to it, but to me that’s not only boring but also a restricted way to live. (And we’re not living in the 50’s anymore when people chose one path and stayed on it until the desired goldwatch was given to them).

Focus and attention is absolutely fine provided it comes from a place of passion and sincere interest, it’s only natural to have our attention on that which is important to us, but it should not be a chore.

The clue to anything should be derived from pure instinctual interest (“me like very much” lol!) and not from a place for personal (ego) gain and recognition or approval from others that might expect us to chose a specific path.

Many people feel paralysed, confused and overwhelmed because they either see themselves having too many things to chose from, or the area they want to break into (career wise) is vast and have many different directions to embark on, or they feel completely clueless because they have no information or understanding about the area they have a heartfelt interest in.

Or, they have no clue what their gift is! (Which, again, can be many things). 

(Here’s an old PDF with over 30 questions that can be helpful to you if you have no clue. Note that I haven’t read it in ages and it’s from my past when I was into personal development/law of attraction etc, but the questions can still be helpful in some way regarding to the context of this article – take what you like and leave the rest).

There’s no need to go around in circles not knowing what specifically to do; my advise is, do it all! Why not?

Try different things!

Yes, there will be dead-ends, there will be “mistakes” and failures, there will be lessons to learn and so forth but there will also be lots of fun and interesting encounters and experiences along the way.

There is no need to continue endlessly on cold trails, clinging on to the known and secure.

Don’t limit yourself to one thing – today, in this day and age, we can do so many things and have so many different expressions all rolled into one that wasn’t even possible only a short while ago.

Life and what we do is really all about the experience (the ‘here and now’) and not the outcomes (the ‘future’), it’s about the process and journey rather than the end result or arrival.

Besides, there are no arrivals really as every ending is also a new beginning, and everything starts all over again, only in a different way.

So go ahead, try different things within the context of your passions and hearts calling.

Just begin somewhere and the things that are closer (than others) to your heart will reveal themselves to you as you do them.

Also, exercise your right to have a change of heart – at any time in life you have the right to turn away from something and move in a totally different direction without needing to explain anything to anybody. 

And only tell people what you’re comfortable telling (and as much you are comfortable with sharing) as there are a lot of naysayers out there that should not have any access to your inner domain whatsoever.

I hope that this article could inspire you – because we do have a clue, and the clue is to listen to the heart, in the moment, and respond to the ideas and nudges that come to you and then the next step so to speak will reveal itself to you. 


Do things you like, not only a few of them; try them all – Enjoy yourself!:)

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