Before Thought Enters The Present Moment

God/consciousness experiences everything through us; the suffering and the pain as well as the moments of happiness and bliss.

We are the ones that make Life into something it isn’t, the little self with all it’s opinions about everything; the thinking mind is what makes ‘what is’ into something it isn’t’, usually into a so called “problem”.

Think about it! (no pun intended) Was there a problem before you thought there was a problem? 

There’s always order in the chaos, Life is rearranging itself just for the experience of it, and it’s the little self that believes that controlling the situation somehow will make it “work”.

It already is working, as it should, and only if the urge to action comes from a place of Spirit, or heart, is it beneficial. From that space the natural inclination to do something can reveal itself and action can be taken, or done through us.

We are the ones that makes up stories about Life with our interpretations and opinions, confused about how the world is in reality.

Become aware of what is before the thoughts came in, what was there but the presence of stillness? Before the first thought came in and interpreted the situation.

It’s very interesting, and the ego will resist the realization that its thoughts and beliefs about something has no validity or reality whatsoever. Only by intuitive knowing can we really know something, that’s true intelligence, and it never explains itself.

Reality is not a concept; it has no name and no words can describe it. It just IS.

What a discovery to make!

What was before the thoughts? Pure, eternal stillness of the present moment. No past (memory, which we drag into the now and base our interpretations on) and no future (desire to change what is as if we knew what the best outcome was).

This moment can be entirely free of any kind of mind-clutter, and all we have to do is to be still, right now, and enter the space that is before thinking comes in, before we think about something. That moment is where the Light can come in. A moment is all we need because a moment is all there is, this moment.

Before thinking.

Meditation is about being present in the Now, without any agendas or “goals” with the meditation as if it was something to do to get away from Life for a while, to relax and take a moment away from the world and what not. It’s actually about entering life, not to get away from it for a moment.

Meditation is about being here and now fully and listening. It’s not about trying to become still, trying to relax your mind, or any kind of trying. It’s only ‘purpose’ is to simply be present here and now.

No need to “try” to be something, that is actually an ego-based action, it’s like “trying” to be spontaneous, as if it is something that can be done by our effort. Just be who you are, just simply be. 

We simply are, without effort it happens by itself.

Before thought, before thinking, before imposing anything on the present moment, there is vast, empty space that contains all of Life.

Simply watch this moment without thinking something about it.

The minds chatter can be watched, or listened to as if it was a stream of water. No need to get caught in it, just letting it be, just let all thoughts and feelings rise and fall, let them go by as they want to.

Be still. That’s all. There’s no “well, how do I do that..?”. You just do, do nothing, without trying 🙂

Get Out Of Your Mind

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