Letting Emotions Flow Through You (Non-resistance)

Letting Emotions Flow Through You; Don’t Avoid Them!

I remember when I went to drug-rehab about 10-11 years ago and began my healing; one of the things with me was that I could be perceived as intimidating to people with my temperament, which obviously was very much emphasized with all the drugs I did.

So it was a time of adjustment for me, a time to learn how to be in the world again, and we just have to find out a middle way somehow, like I did.

I’m still temperamental (if that’s the right word, I mean it in a positive way) that’s a part of my personality (and maybe my Finnish genes as well, my parents are from Finland and we were, well, a very loud family to put it mildly lol:-), but I can assure you that I’m not scaring people anymore!

I do voice my opinions and I do stand up for what is true for me, but you know what I mean. I don’t care about arguing or trying to convince anyone of anything, I simply let others know what my thoughts are, and that’s it.

The thing with many spiritual seekers and especially in the beginning of a journey of recovery when we’re finding out who we want to be in the world (because truth is, that to recover from any kind of addiction means that the old self has to die) we may stumble our way forward as I did, but we will find our way again. I wrote a little bit about it here:


What I have observed a lot the past few years is that many people think that to be a “spiritual person” you need to behave in a particular way and be very sweet and kind to everybody at all times.

That is not true! What you need to be is YOURSELF at all times.

And it’s not about being obnoxious and argumentative and so on, and it’s definitely not about being rude or consciously hurting people with our words, but to be sincerely ourselves at all times.

Ask yourself; Would Love ever hurt Itself..?

We’re not allowing ourselves to have the human experience fully when we are continuously chanting mantras in an attempt to feel differently, or are tapping our meridian points like crazy people to avoid what we feel to all cost; we are actually keeping ourselves from living life to the fullest.

We keep ourselves in bondage when we bottle things up or repress our true feelings.

Instead of desperately saying positive affirmations the next time you feel irritated (because that’s not “spiritual” the ego believes) why not just feel irritated?

The second you allow yourself to feel them, they will just flow through you, they simply disappear into nothingness.

They are only “stuck” for as long you rests them or deny them, and the moment you can say “Yes, I’m pissed off!” for example the feelings are felt and they flow through you and are released and it all happens in a few seconds.

That’s really the only “technique” we ever need; just feel whatever you feel without getting caught in the story or drama around them.

You’re allowed to feel pissed off!

I remember when the first time I was receiving Reiki healing (when in rehab) and felt a lot of emotions coming up (a lot of fear and anxiety) and it took me maybe 3-5 sessions until I just said to myself; “OK, I’m going to go all the way with this, I’m going to feel all the emotions”, and the second I allowed myself to feel, they vanished!

Still today when I think about it and when I write about it now, I get chills and a lump in my throat of an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. How simple it is!

Just FEEL.

Don’t avoid Life.

Stop for a moment your resistance to what is, to your emotions and thoughts and just let them be and see what happens.

I can still remember the relief I felt there lying on the healing-bench, it was incredible and I was freed from years of emotional turmoil. (Obviously I did a lot of other therapy and healing stuff as well, but all healing comes from facing whatever it’s in front of you, the emotions are there to teach you something about yourself).

I was liberated because I let go and allowed myself to simply be and feel whatever wanted to come up.

Obviously all kinds of healing modalities and techniques such as EFT tapping can be helpful but should not be used as a tool to avoid stuff on a continuous basis – the stuff is coming up over and over again for a reason and the only way to deal with it once and for all is to actually meet it with deep sincerity and honesty.

And when on a path to awakening you can count on encountering the darkest parts of your consciousness and go through some emotionally draining phases where there’s a lot of tears and crying going on.

(Not necessarily but most probably).

I urge you to allow yourself go through those times, it’s really the only way if you want real freedom and not the shallow one that only makes you “feel better” for moment here and there.

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(Image below is taken from my balcony the other day)

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  2. Yes, Maria. Moving emotions is an extremely powerful way to release and to access our deepest Knowingness. Let it flow, let it flow…

    Thank You for your wonderful post!

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  5. Alexa carpathian mage

    Iam glad I came across this article. Around two years back I came down with depression. My life had come to a standstill. I dint know what to do and where to go. Then one of my friends suggested me to consult a therapist. She somehow walked me through that difficult part of my life. The therapist also advised me to pray daily so as to calm my mind. Now when I read this article, I feel so special and happy. I have been praying daily and notice many changes within myself.

  6. Hi Alexa,

    Thank you for commenting and sharing from your own life experience.

    Glad to hear you found my website, hope you enjoy the content here 🙂

    I’m also glad to hear you’re on your way to inner peace and happiness, I know how it is to be/have anything but (as you could read from what I shared in the article from my past), but life always seem to send the people and resources we need at the time we need it, and prayer always keeps us close to God, no matter what we are going through.

    Wishing you all the best Alexa 🙂


  7. Marcel Kwedi

    Lovely article!
    I loved your sentence saying that in order to heal ANY addiction the
    The ego is in fact, nothing but a collection of beliefs (so-called common sense,
    cultural, social, and educated) as you pointed out (the shoulds and should nots).
    Addiction always result from a false belief. That belief
    needs to be identified, corrected and reprogrammed in the Ego
    for ANY HEALING to happen (not just addiction).
    Therefore, I slightly disagree with the idea that anger or any destructive
    emotions has to be let go.
    Destructive feelings also result from false beliefs: for example the belief
    that we can be victims of the environment.
    This belief cannot be further from The Truth: the fact that

    Thanks again for the article.

  8. Thank you Marcel, glad to hear you liked it.

    I’m not interested in beliefs, I’m into truth, so concepts about re-programming the mind is not what I share here on my website. (I used to in the past as you can read from my older articles, but are no longer into those concepts).

    We are free when we discover and realize who we really are, we don’t become free by creating a better functioning ego.

    I don’t believe I have said anything about “destructive emotions has to go” as I don’t even think that anger has to be destructive.

    If used in constructive ways it can be a huge help in ones spiritual development, it can be a great agent of change if we are ‘off path’ so to speak. (Not that we ever are, all things happen just as they are suppose to).

    What I am saying is that emotions are to be felt and accepted, only then can they be transformed. Not by resisting them, condemning or shunning them away, calling them “bad” in any way.

    They are there for a reason and healing happens when we can observe them and learn from them while not indulging in them.

    All the best,

  9. Hi Maria, It is very good to know that you decided to come back and to go with this world. It happens sometimes even with everyone, that people go beyond but to come back at right time is the most important.
    Enjoy the life, best of luck.

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  12. Osa

    Thanks for the read and the uplifting jolt one needed. I see some resemblance in your passage and take in all that I can learn and relate too. Live on and alive

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