Different people – different guidance (No steps in Spiritual Awakening)

What is important to understand when it comes to the process of spiritual awakening and any kind of profound and deep spiritual transformation is that there are no rules.

Spiritual guidance that apply to one individual may not be the right guidance at all for someone else, that’s why it’s so important to not take anything anyone else says as truth, that’s the difference when it comes to the deeper spiritual quest, we are forced to look within at some point, and only within.

So what I say to one person, or even write about, has no truth in it apart from what rings true in your heart when you hear me say the words that point to the truth in your own being, or when you read my articles.

There has to be a resonance in your heart to what you receive (which includes feelings of being provoked at times, which is great – the minds ideas, however spiritual they may be, is good to get challenged, as all beliefs are bogus, all of them) and not merely words that you hear and take as being valid in any way when it comes to your own life experience.

The only authority is ones own heart. 

There are no steps that fits all in spiritual awakening, no techniques whatsoever (no matter what some people say, that you can become awakened in a weekend retreat, that’s just pure nonsense), awakening is about shifts in consciousness and not about mental understanding or spiritual experiences (which can be created by the mind).

There are no rules, nothing to learn, no special tools needed, no guarantees, and no one can sell enlightenment, phonies try though and succeed when egos buy, and this can be totally innocent too.

People have had some spiritual experiences and then their ego take ownership of the experience and they think they are enlightened and go out to the world to ‘save’ others.

Spiritual awakening is not the end or an arrival (it’s not about experiences, as experiences come and go), it’s the beginning of Life and we are all newborn when this process takes off for real.

It’s not an arrival to holiness or specialness. 

Spiritual awakening is not an ideology, it’s not a philosophy or teaching, it has nothing to do with having been chosen by some God to become saviors of the world, however noble it may feel.

The most profound transformations come from difficulties and suffering, not from stroking the ego to make it feel better, so it’s not about becoming something better (self improvement) or avoiding difficulties in life, and sometimes people even say things like; “Oh I haven’t suffered as much as you so I guess I have to suffer for a few more years”.

Yes, I have actually heard people say this to me.

That’s the ego postponing transformation. Suffering is not obligatory at all!

But most people do go through difficult times at some point in their lives and when we do we have to be able to see them as opportunities, not as curses or punishments, and the more conscious we become with the evolutionary process the easier it gets to see the goodness in the ugliness of life as well as the happy moments.

Nothing is avoided or made wrong – it’s all included in this event called Life. 

Forget about any kind of rules in this; no one can lay down a path for another to follow, and awakening is not about progress (like in achievement), nor is it a belief system.

I don’t write about beliefs here.

Truth is beyond beliefs and spiritual ideas.

I don’t write about Truth either.

No one can do that.

It’s beyond words to describe – it can only be pointed to.

But you have to walk in that direction (metaphorically), into the unknown (it cannot be understood by the mind) it’s an inner journey that no one can direct but Grace itself. 

We don’t do any of this, it’s purely a divine act and a truthful response on our part to go with it when it calls us, which it does in every single moment.

And it’s not about ‘doing’, it’s not about ‘take these steps and gain enlightenment’.

It’s about beingness.

That is not something that we can learn by going to seminars or taking classes.

It’s actually about simply being who we are, and to be that fully.

Nothing to learn, nothing to gain or achieve (no high fives in this), nothing to become, simply being who we are.

Trust yourself, trust the life that you are (God expressed), trust your intuitive feeling, your gut, and don’t give much significance at all to the voice in your head that tells you that you are not enough or that you need to become someone better.

You, my friend, are already enough. Trust that. Trust your intuitive knowing – the wisdom of your heart.

That is in essence the only guidance we ever need.


Take a good look at yourself and see that you are already whole. What else is there that has to be added unto you so that you will be ‘worthy’ or ‘ready’ or whatever? And if you think there are; ask yourself “who is it that believes that?” and let me know what you find.


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  1. Bruna

    Dear Maria

    I found your website today after I was looking for signs from the universe as I have had 3 seperate occurences in the space of 4 days where I have been given money & items that do no belong to me. The first happened when I bought a donut for my son and after I walked away I was approached by a girl who was chatting at the counter saying that the $10.00 she found on the ground belonged to me. It didn’t as i only reached for change and not notes and I did not take the money as I knew it did not belong to me. The 2nd was on the same day i returned home with my groceries and found I had a bag of expensive groceries belonging to the person ahead of me. I returned those groceries to the shop. And today I had a customer purchase a airline ticket and he counted the money and so did I in front of him. After he left I counted the money again and there was $50.00 too much. I quickly ran out looking for him and he was gone, left the message on the number he gave me which wasn’t his number and he was flying out oneway in the next few hours. Anyway, the mobile number I called, called me back and gave me another number to track him down and he called in just before leaving for his flight to get his $50.00 back. I was meant to read your new article, however the old article that no longer resonates with you led me to the new one which resonates with me and has given me clarification. You see I too have been journeying for the past 20 years and have read a lot of stuff and I always make my own judgement and in this time I have grown and changed a lot. I don’t belong to any belief and nor do I want to. I love what the Dalai Lama says about we are all the same and something about my religion is love and compassion. I went from wanting to believe in mystical stuff and finding that it is probably what we allow ourselves to believe. There is so much I want to say but I am at work right now so I have to shorten this. I use to have angel figurines, good luck charms and I threw them all out months ago as they no longer serve my beliefs and if anything the less stuff I have in my life the lighter I feel. Anyway your updated article I am replying to resonates with my current thinking and how I find it is again just one of lifes mysteries which I am going to just accept and try not to question as I have always tended to do. Thankyou for your realistic insight. Best wishes to you Bruna

  2. Hi Bruna! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    (I think you meant to comment on my article “How To Read The Signs From The Universe”? http://mariaerving.com/how-to-read-the-signs-from-the-universe/)

    Yes, who knows what all these things mean; they can mean one thing to you and then have a completely different meaning for somebody else so there are no ‘static signs’ that means the same to all.

    It’s usually the immediate intuitive knowing that is the “right answer” but then many go out and ask others what it means, they read books about the meaning of numbers and signs and so forth, while the obvious meaning of the sign was there already from the moment it was received.

    The more we learn to trust ourselves the more our intuition grows as well.

    It’s when we honor the inner voice of wisdom and acknowledge It to be the ultimate authority that it grows and shows us more and more.

    (Or, we are able to see/hear its guidance more clearly as it is always guiding us, but not all are listening to it).

  3. Bruna

    Thankyou Maria for taking the time to reply and your view makes a lot of sense. Kind regards Bruna

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