Have You Been To North East India?

I must say that I’m really intrigued by what I have read and heard so far and I look very much forward to travel to that part of India in the beginning of April.

It’s really hot here in South India now, it’s almost unbearable, so humid that it’s not even helping to take multiple showers everyday, it’s like you’re never 100% dry. 

So North East India sounds heavenly, not only because of the cooler weather but also for the culture, it sounds very interesting!

But, ..!

I have some questions that I hope someone can help me with, and as always I only want to hear personal experiences and not hearsay or what has been said in the news etc.

As I’ve done some research on where to travel in that region I’ve also come across some articles online that warns tourists from going to the northeast part of India altogether, but then there’s people who says it’s the most amazing place to go and totally safe.

When I get an emotional response from within (about anything) I always know that it’s the right thing to do, whatever it is I’m about to do.

I feel a sense of love and joy and usually I feel tears welling up too because there’s a rightness about it, and I feel that about North East India.

It just feels right to go there, but obviously since I travel as a solo female I’m interested in hearing about the overall safety there.

Is It Safe To Travel To The North-Eastern Provinces Of India?

Have any of you ever been there?

As I have understood it, north eastern India is called the Seven Sisters where Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur are the states in that region.

The northeast also includes Sikkim (I think! Correct me if I’m wrong) where I’m planning on going first (to Darjeeling which is s few hours from there).

I’m going to have to get some kind of permit to travel to some of the places up in that area but I haven’t looked much into it yet so if anyone have any advice to give please do so.

Also, I’ve read that there’s limited options in regards to places to stay so it’s advised to book early, while others have said that it’s really easy to find rooms and you don’t have to book beforehand.

Again, some travelers say it’s amazing, even safer (and much cleaner!) than the rest of India, while others warn about north Indians being disrespectful towards women.

And what is it about the military stuff that’s going on there, the terrorist attacks and such?

Are there any specific areas that are best to avoid then let me know about it. 

Another female traveler wrote that “the North East is India’s hottest new destination” and wrote all kinds of interesting things about the unspoiled tribal lands and people for example so I’m really intrigued to go there and explore!

I’m leaving Pondicherry (where I’ll go this weekend) in the beginning of April by train from Chennai to Howrah (which I think is in Kolkata) and the journey takes nearly 30 hours.

And then from Howrah I’m continuing up to Siliguri and Darjeeling (have not figured out how yet) and that’s an additional 20 hours or so in total.

Phew! A long journey for sure 🙂

If you have any suggestions at all, any tips, ideas, experiences etc to share regarding the North East part of India please share below in comments! 

(Or Facebook etc). 

It seem to be the least explored region of India so there’s a lot of contradictory information our there so I’d like to hear about peoples real experiences about traveling there. 

Chennai to Darjeeling
Pondicherry > Chennai > Howrah > Siliguri > Darjeeling. A journey that will take me about 50 hours! 🙂

North East India is where you see Manipur, Nagaland etc in the right upper corner (and Sikkim is by the border to Nepal and China).

Here’s a map where you can see more closely where this part of India is:


I didn’t even know it existed until now 🙂

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