Nothing Can Hinder What’s Meant To Happen From Happening

Sure, we can postpone it – and most people do.

By not listening to the voice of the Spirit but instead are listening to the voice of the ego and obeying it – with the belief that it knows what’s best just because they reason themselves out of intuitive feelings and nudges.

When the first initial gut feeling is not trusted but actually questioned and talked out of.

That’s like turning our backs on God. (Intuition is God speaking).

Everything happens as it’s suppose to happen, and everything is as it’s suppose to be, even our so called shortcomings and struggles as Life itself always presents to us – in this precise moment – what we need to look closer at in order to transcend.

Listen within. Take some time off to just be and the direction, solutions and answers will reveal themselves to you.

The only thing that ever keeps us stuck is our attachments to how we think things (and life) to be, and the only thing “wrong” is when we believe our thoughts.

It’s not even about changing thoughts to some other thoughts that makes us ‘feel better’, but rather about us even believe in thoughts in the first place.

None of them are true.

What changes – as thoughts, ideas, believes and opinions do – is just not based in Truth at all.

Truth is beyond mind and thought – and can’t be given, it has to be discovered and realized, individually.

No matter how many books we read on the subject, no matter how many programs we listen to and so on, Truth cannot be touched upon by using the mind.

Stillness is the access to that which is always available and closer than we would expect. It’s right here. Listen.

Life is already here, it’s already “planned”, and the only thing that stands in the way from self realization is The Self! The little self, the self you take yourself to be.

Everything in life has been building up to This Moment and we are where we are by Divine Appointment.

Life is continuously, always, asking us to show up, to step to the plate, and the inner self is silently, always, saying; “Here I am”. …Can you hear it? ~Maria Erving

You (the idea you have of yourself) are the only hindrance – question your thoughts about yourself and existence and see if you really know anything for sure.

We don’t – and that realization is freedom!

Not even the “you” can stop life from living you, it just gets much easier and more enjoyable when letting go of it, because you’re not resisting it or insisting it to be something different from what it is.

Trust Life.


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