Nothing Is Wrong (There are no problems)

I have personally not ever been prone to feel sorry for people, I have never seen the point to do that and it has just not made any sense to me when people have been moaning around me feeling sorry for others.

I always thought that it does more good to actually do something about it if it touches you or affects you on a deep emotional level. (It’s really an invitation, so become aware of in what direction you are moved to go and follow that gut-feeling).

As you may know I’m a vegetarian and my choice was for ethical reasons as I educated myself by looking closely into the meat industry and how they treat the animals.

Life moved me in that way and the apparent choice I made was very easy; I don’t want to take part in that kind of energy, simple as that.

I saw some disgusting things and some (at that time) friends of mine saw the same things and were horrified by what they learned and saw but instead of adjusting themselves to the new insight they kept on moaning and whining about it but not really doing something.

What’s the point in that? I don’t get it. (Not that I have the need to understand either).

And I don’t mean we should try to save everyone and so on, but to respond with awareness to what life presents to us. Some things we feel drawn to take some kind of action towards while some stuff don’t affect us much at all.

It still makes me cringe inside when I see stuff where animals are being badly treated (I think it’s a natural reaction when witnessing unbalance, but not even the unbalance is wrong, it’s an invitation to Truth just like everything else) but I don’t feel drawn to do more than making a personal choice about what I chose to put into my body.

That is how life moves through me and even though I say it’s a personal choice I don’t really mean that in the sense that ‘I’ am making the choice.

I see it as ‘this is the way life expresses itself through and as me’ and by following what feels right inside is always the same as following the Truth, which will not take no for an answer. (We either go with life or struggle against the natural flow and when we do that, we suffer).

We always know what the right thing is to do, it’s a matter of listening and responding to the impulses of Life with honesty. 

I have no clue if I will stay a vegetarian for the rest of my life, I have no clue about how life decides to move through me even tomorrow or the next minute. It’s a moment to moment awareness about what feels right to do on an intuitive level.

Yes, we can go on pretending (going against our inner knowing, knowing that that’s what we do), but the Truth will never leave you, because that is what and who you are.

So, do what feels right in your heart, and I can assure you that moaning and complaining is not in alignment with who you really are.

Nothing is wrong, there are no problems, and this becomes very very clear as spiritual awakening occurs.

I find myself not having a care in the world, although for some (who knows of my financial situation for example) would probably see problems. I just don’t. And believe me, I used to think there were a lot of improvements to be made (or, changes to be made) in the past!

There is really nothing to worry about, nothing to fear, nothing to change (if life doesn’t move me that way) and the second I’m out of integrity I’ll feel it very strongly, so I get back to Truth right away.

In reality there is nothing but the Truth, everything in life is an invitation to Truth itself.

So how to handle this, when the world so to speak is keen to see issues to solve rather than seeing all things as being a part of One. Which by the way means everything, even our illusions of separation.

The experience of separation is there to invite us to Oneness, just as the desires of the ego is there to move us into desireless-ness. That’s what “failures” are about in reality.

Or we may get what we want, and realize we didn’t want it after all. That’s the way life moves, it’s very wise, it’s pure wisdom.

With awakening the desires just simply vanish and they mean nothing. Only thing that remains is profound peace and inner knowingness that this precise moment is absolutely perfect and nothing can disturb that knowing.

I still have preferences (likes and dis-likes is a part of our human-ness) but even if they weren’t met so to speak and I had to live with the opposite it would still not matter to me. (There is no resentment left in me).

Truth is so obvious, so there is no longer any desire to strive to become or gain anything.

Whatever life decides to do will happen (or “manifest”) and nothing more or less than that, so to just relaxing into that knowing is (I don’t even find words to describe it) profoundly peaceful.

Even if things are difficult they are not thought of as being wrong and whatever changes that are being manifested is not by our doing. And we know that, so there is only peace and stillness to experience, even in the midst of any ‘chaos’.

And quietness.

I find myself being even more quiet than ever before, I seem to not have as many comforting words to give as I used to before when people shared their everyday problems with me for example.

It’s not that I don’t care (compassion is still present), it’s just that I don’t experience life from that perspective anymore, I live here and now and there’s never a problem in this moment and everything is intertwined in marvelous ways (infinite ways! No one can trace a cause to anything and this becomes very obvious) that I can never comprehend so what else can there be than complete trust that life knows exactly what it does?

What can be challenging is to learn how to relate to others now that you see life in a totally different way, from this new perspective, and so what I suggest is to simply be open and say that:

I don’t see life as I used to do anymore. I just can’t relate to that as I used to do, I don’t see problems anymore, all I experience is that all is well, exactly as they are suppose to be”.

It’s either that, or pretending to care about problems that now seem so petty and continue living in illusion. (I don’t mean “petty” as in looking down on other peoples issues, but the transformation is so radical that it makes all problems seem petty, even the ones that once may have been huge before).

And you can’t really do that. Truth has taken a hold of you and will not let go and to stay true to Truth is the way, otherwise you compromise your true being, and you will feel immediately when your out of authenticity and integrity.

There’s definitely a time to learn how to adjust to the realization, and that includes how to relate to others, and the easiest way is to simply say what you feel and be open and honest about it.

How others react is up to them.

Some may be pissed of thinking you’re cold and selfish because you don’t care (or get involved in drama) like you used to, and when some of your views change they can chock others. (Because nothing is no longer a big deal). They may get upset because of your views on things and they may even get angry at you.

That too is not a problem.

It’s just how life decides to move and all is perfectly well.

Even when it may seem difficult at times, the peace within never leaves you. (It’s who you are).

The personal involvement in life is no longer there (as in “I made this, I did that, I’m going to do/create that”), it’s more like being lived by an intelligence that loves itself and the only one that can ever judge something (life) as being wrong is the ego. (And the ego is the person you imagine yourself to be and who doesn’t have a clue about Truth to begin with).

The real you (the true nature of your being) simply knows the Truth because that’s what it is, and that’s what makes it so obvious when realized.

There is no way life can be wrong in any way. Why? Because this is what it is, and to argue with that is just stupid. We really don’t have a clue about anything and the sooner we can embrace that realization fully, the faster Peace itself embraces us and everything becomes so very, very beautiful, even the seemingly ‘ugly’.

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  1. Mandy

    We all have our own opinion and I see yours as something really relevant. We struggle to go and seek for the truth and I think the quote you put there which says “We always know what the right thing is to do, it’s a matter of listening and responding to the impulses of Life with honesty” is absolutely compelling. I’m glad to have read this post. An eye-opener. 🙂 Thanks!

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  3. Look. I am in a lost place. My family is apart and I dont know where to go and what is the right thing to do. My spouse recently retired from 22 years in the service (thinking he had a job waiting that fell thru). We had already rented our house on a 3 year lease so we had to move. We moved from Va to Tx and are living with my brother. Dallas has alot of job potential in the logistics field. My 18 year old stayed in Va bc of his friends but could not start Jr college bc of a terrible glitch in residency due to my souses military service. We are not residents anywhere at this point and we lost all our money in a mortgage company that the owner sold all the properties without telling anyone and then killed himself, leaving me without any retirement and my kids with no college money. My 8th grader likes his new school so he wants to stay in Tx. My spouse still does not have a job and is looking overseas. Do I stay with my brother or go back to Va and make my 8th grader move again to be close to my older son? Or do i move to Florida to start establishing residency for my 18 year old to go to school there 18 months late(his school of choice is Tallahassee Community College and then Florida State and bc my sister and mother are there? I thought the right thing would just show itself…it hasnt. Nothing feels right or good. I have prayed for direction and nothing. I hoped my spouse would just get a good job that would show us our direction…nothing.

  4. Hi Stacy,

    Many thanks for sharing from your own life.

    It sounds like you’re on a deconstruction path, which I have a feeling you already know. (Something new is being born).

    It’s true that we come to nirvana by the way of samsara or how the saying goes (through suffering we come to awakening).

    In the midst of it, when being aware what’s going on that can be reassuring and comforting to know, although it can still be challenging, without making the situation into a problem.

    The acceptance of how life is right now (because it is and can’t be otherwise) brings peace that is at the base of our being, so in the middle of the chaos and uncertainty, there can be peace.

    Here’s a an older post that you might like with some links to other articles that I have written about spiritual surrender:

    What came to mind just now is that you could do a list of pros and cons just to put the mind to rest a little bit, if you feel it’s difficult to let go and let God completely.

    Although I must say that you will not find truth by mind and thinking, but I also recognize the need to make practical choices and decisions at times. (It’s really life making them though).

    To bring clarity by writing the (so called) negatives and positives about both alternatives. This is only for bringing the uncertainty out on paper, which can be helpful. To simply ‘write it all out’.

    Think about all the things you can come up with, from the smallest things to the bigger, and write them down.

    When you’re done, simply look at the paper and see the bigger picture. (Although still from the small perspective of mind).

    Although it’s all in the mind, it can still help you make decisions, if only one little step in a direction you feel inclined to go.

    The funny thing to discover is that whatever we write down usually goes in a whole different direction anyway! (So really, I would surrender and not involve mind into any kind of ‘problem-solving’).

    The thing is, and you might already feel this, is that the ‘right way’ oftentimes is the way where we have no clue about the outcome, actually towards uncertainty.

    But the ego doesn’t like that at all. It wants to know how things will unfold, while Truth doesn’t work that way.

    Here’s two other posts that came to mind that can help you feel your way towards that which feels most in alignment with your heart:

    This is an older post of mine, but you can use it to check in with yourself by asking these two questions while listening to your gut: (Key here is to listen to the intuitive feeling).

    And here’s another older post by me that can help you develop your intuition:

    Another article that can be helpful is this one:

    Lastly I want to add that my number One suggestion or pointer is always to take some time off of thinking, plotting, planning and analyzing, and simply be still.

    Thinking only leads to more thinking and there’s no wisdom to be found in mind.

    Being present in the now and only now will enable you to receive and be the intelligence that runs the whole show called Life. (We don’t have it, we are it).

    By stillness we can hear the still inner voice of wisdom.

    It’s oftentimes overlooked because it’s so simple, but it’s truly when we stop all doing and we allow ourselves to be receptive (drop the questions/prayer to the god-consciousness and then go for a walk in nature for example) and not trying to figure things out that the answers come to us.

    When we become present in the Now and are not thinking of an imagined future (there really is no future) we can allow Life move easily (without resistance from the little self/ego who wants to know what to do) and we will know what to do when we need to know it, and not a moment before.

    God (Life) is never late.

    Please feel very free to write me back, I would love to hear back from you if you’d like to share how things unfold for you.

    All the best,


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  7. Mike


    I have lived in the place you describe above and it is indescribable, I have been searching for the way back for years. I am at the end if I cannot find the perspective shift … that shift of outlook … the simple link that seems infinitely out of reach.

    I have lived in the place were there are no problems, people around me could not fathom, to them it looked like life was coming apart at the seams. Everything looked wrong, but for me it was so far beyond there is no problem, so far beyond everything is right. The statement – it is exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment, points in the right direction but cannot touch what is in that place. I lived in a place where everything was so right. I have reached the end because life and concerns have crowded in and I cannot seem to find my way back. It is not like my life now is so bad in fact I have a pretty good life. However once I have lived in a place were “all is right” (Everything and there is no question / concern) then the further I get from that place the harder life is for me to live.

    I could use a friend that knows this place and can point the way, I know the way you find this place is not exactly how everyone else will find this place. I do know that someone who has lived there can help someone else find it.

    I would not have written this, and considered this another reminder teasing me with “it is just right here you only have to accept it” and feeling like that shift is set just beyond my reach. The thing that got me to ask is the broken link at the end of this excellent post. “Email Counseling With Me: Click Here.”


    P.S. any kind of reply would be most welcomed – the truth is my favorite – even if it is you are playing with toys in the attic, some of which have broken and did not mend properly.

  8. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for letting me know about the broken link, I’ll have it fixed today.

    I talk with people on Skype or you can become a member and submit questions to me (and get access to all my articles), and submit topics you would like me to write articles about, but the email counseling is no longer an option.

    See tabs above for more info.

    To your comment now:

    What I would say is that you need to be brutally honest with yourself and look deeper, beyond the annoyance and frustration, and ask questions like “who is this ‘me’ that this is happening to?” and see what you find.

    “Who believes that it is wrong not to actually live the fact that all is well?”

    How would it feel to be totally okay with the perspective of things not always being alright..? Can you be okay with that?

    See what happens within you when you say those words to yourself.

    There’s one part that doesn’t agree, and then there’s a part of you that actually is okay with not being okay.

    From that space of being okay with not being okay, something else can arise and that is Truth.

    The truth is that the ego is making up a story around this and making it wrong (or frustrating, annoying, irritating, feeling hopelessness etc) to not be okay with everything, but the ego is not the one who is going to live the awakened life – awakening to Truth is awakening from the ego, not for it.

    Here’s a few articles that came to mind: (Some of them may be for members only, I don’t remember them all as I have written hundreds of articles).

    A powerful prayer that you can say is “God/Truth, replace me with you”, and then let go of all opinions and beliefs you may have about everything – even if it’s just for one day – do it and see what happens.

    “God, replace me with you”.

    To become aware of the mind and how it operates is very helpful also, to see clearly how it makes up its own versions of “reality” and have all kinds of opinions and conclusions about life is very enlightening.

    It’s only according to the mind that things are “wrong” and when we start to question it the light within us is shining its light on the Truth of it and thus that which is not real will lose its power.

    So asking self inquiry questions like “who is this happening to”, or questioning the assumptions about a situation is also helpful.

    Question the mind; “how can I know that this should be otherwise?”

    Saying Yes to this too is loosening the resistance from the ego.

    We can’t push and force our way to awakening, is all grace and the more we let go into it and the less we intend things to happen the way we want them to happen, the easier it is to stay firmly in the here and now.

    The mind always takes us away from the present moment and it does so by making it wrong, or undesirable in some way.

    Could you be fine with not perceiving everything as being fine..?

    Pay attention to any resistance you may feel now and see it as an indication that you’re onto something, because the more light there is the more we expose that which is not true and it will be felt as resistance.

    You may like these articles:

    Now look deeper into that; who is the one that resists, and is there something that feels totally untouched by all this? Who/what is that? Turn your attention to that.

    Here’s a few more articles that came to mind:

    The two most important articles I would suggest for you are these:

    It will be helpful for you to go deeper and beyond the opinions of the mind, and the “negative” feelings are there to help the awakening to occur so it’s a good thing that you’re not shunning away from it and desperately trying to merely feel better as that would only get you into more delusion.

    No, you look into this, with curiosity, boldness and dedication to not ever settle for anything less than the Truth (I kind of get that vibe from you that you won’t settle 🙂 ).

    When you have that commitment, it will itself show the way, and Truth meets itself in silence and in the receptivity that comes from letting go of the viewpoints of the mind.

    When doing that, we can even rejoice in not having all things being perceived as being okay, and that is what opens up the path.

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