OMG movie

 Oh my God. What a movie.

I will watch this movie again, that’s for sure!

Very, very, interesting. No matter what religion you are, or are not, it doesn’t matter- Hay House has really picked out a good one this time.(again).

I’m not sure what to say, more than I’m impressed, and I’m enlightened. This is a subject that can never be talked about enough, and I’m very pleased to have seen this movie- I can highly recommend it to anyone.

A movie filled with different perspectives, all worth to listened to.

Filled with great quotes, too may to mention here. Filled with beautiful scenery and pictures, and filled with many question that each and every one of us has to ask ourselves: “Who is God?

“Boundaries are made by man, not by God”

“God is between us, in the gap between us”

“There is no contradiction to prayer”

“We might be learned, but not wise”

“God is the glue that binds us all together”

 —“God is love”

 It’s the faith that counts..

 So true.

 Go see.

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