Our People Pleasing Society

One belief that has poisoned humanity is the belief that you should always have everybody’s good in mind.

We should always behave in correct ways, never share thoughts that differs from others because they might upset others, we should always say the correct things that are socially accepted, we should be nice to everybody at all times, even the ones we don’t really like.

What an impossible task! But that is a belief that most people have been conditioned to try to live up to, and therefor it’s socially accepted behavior that we should ‘love everybody’ and basically a habit that none of us in reality are able to live up to.

I think it’s unhealthy to always be nice just because it’s expected of us.

People are playing charades for each other and are often behaving in ways that the group requires, even if they don’t really resonate with it. They just go along like sheep doing what the others are doing.

The solution? How can humanity be freed from this? Simple! All that stands in the way of liberation is fear. Fear of what others might think of us.

When we are true to who we are, we don’t even need to intend anything, everything happens naturally and spontaneously. It takes a lot of energy to pretend and try to be someone we’re not.

We can’t please everybody!

Sometimes others don’t agree with us, so what? Sometimes we don’t agree with others, so what?

It’s not a big deal.

When we allow ourselves to be and others to be, life becomes effortless, because we simply are.

No effort needed to be who we are!

We don’t need intention. To act from intention implies effort, as if you have to decide beforehand to be in a certain way that will benefit humanity at large.

When we are naturally ourselves the intention is not needed, because it is already inherent in Life itself, and Life wouldn’t intentionally hurt itself. Intention is mind-made, a technique for the ego to learn how to behave in appropriate ways.

The seed doesn’t have to ‘intend’ to grow into a flower, it just does, naturally.

Sure, some may get their egos bruised by someones authentic beingness but then again, others may simply accept us as we are too, and actually appreciate who we are even if they don’t always agree with us.

It’s all about the story we make up about everything that is what “hurts” us, not the situation or person itself.

We don’t even have to like everybody, it’s okay to not like someone. Not all humans resonate with each other. Just don’t get caught up in anything, just let it be and move on.

No drama needed.

When we are who we are, we feel clear, sharp, and our intuition is spot on and very clear because we don’t question it. We don’t go around clouding our beingness by constantly worrying about what others might think of us.

There’s no way we need to learn how to be ourselves! We can’t learn to be natural, we simply are natural.

To be natural takes no effort at all. Courage maybe, but effort? No.

Just listen to it! “I’m going to try to act natural”. How silly!

Inquire into who it is that can’t be who they are. Who is it that needs to be a good person all the time?

Spiritual awakening is about awakening from the wrong identification.

It’s about waking up from the misunderstandings that we need to be or become someone we are not just to fit into the conditioned world.

Be True To Who You Are

And From That Space

Your Real Life Will Unfold Naturally!

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The listening-part is probably the most important thing in the whole process. And ego doesn’t like to listen; it likes noise and distractions. It actually demands to always be preoccupied!…”

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