Our subconscious mind

Some things take longer to manifest while some things manifest pretty much right away.

Why is that?
Well, first of all; everything is energy, and everything we can think of is in essence already created the second we think it. It already exists. What we have to do is to bring ourselves vibrationally into alignment with that which we are wanting.

But the thing is that we have all sorts of thoughts and opinions about everything, every thought we have ever thought has been filtered and stored in our subconscious mind where it is been created over and over again until the dominant thought (pattern) becomes a belief.
A belief is a thought we keep thinking, and what we believe is what we consider to be the “truth. It’s from the subconscious mind we make the same old choices from, when we are not making an effort to make them consciously.
We are pretty much living our lives from what we have put in the soil of our subconscious mind since we were born. BUT WE ARE NO VICTIMS! We get to chose what we feed our minds, every minute of our life.
And we are the ones that influences the children around us, we are the ones who choses what they can watch on the TV, what video-games they get to play, and how we nurture their “impossible” dreams. You know the ones that some adults “killed” for you when you were a little youngster full of hope and joy for the future..?
It’s so important to not program the kids around us with our own limiting thought patterns, because children haven’t forgot who they are. We should really uplift them and cheer them on, even if their dreams seem to grand for us.

We tend to think habitual thoughts, often not even aware of it, because the ego puts up a huge protest when we begin to move outside our comfort zone. It wants us to be as we always have been, thinking the same old thoughts and doing the same old stuff over and over again. When we become aware of the ego of course, we have the power to take charge of our mind.
We are not prisoners of the mind, we are masters of it.

Lets look at it this way; the iceberg that is hidden under the water surface is our subconscious mind.
And that’s where we “put” all our thoughts that we think with our conscious mind, all our everyday thoughts that we have emotions involved with. The things we have our attention and focus on, both negative and positive stuff.
It responds to strong emotions and repetition, so therefor it’s beneficial to make vision-boards, write spiritual scripts, do affirmations and other self suggestions techniques so that we can upgrade our mind 🙂 to train it, and re-program it.

Whatever we feed it, it will produce. It doesn’t have any kind of humor and it doesn’t respond to “no”, because everything we think in the moment, we are including in our energy vibration. It’s very straight forward and the more clear direction you can give your subconscious mind, the better results it will produce for you. The more positive emotion invested in your vision-boards and other visualizations, the better.

The same goes with the negative stuff; the violence on TV, the drug using, other mindless time-wasting activities we humans have; all of it is contribute to our “reality”, that which we see as our “truth”.
The horrible world that many see is not a horrible world to everyone, only to those who perceive it that way. I know my world is beautiful and I feel very blessed 🙂

It’s in your subconscious mind where you plant your thought-seeds, and you are the keeper of the garden. It’s up to you to nourish the soil and give it water and sunlight.

Money is one thing that takes longer for many to manifest, because of the beliefs and strong emotions (often fearful) we have around it.
Many believe that it is hard to get, and I have even had people say to me that they are afraid of money because they think they would turn into greedy monsters if they had it! But it’s not the money who would make them greedy, it’s their own thoughts about who they think they are. People who are unconscious about who they are give money that kind of power.
Anyway, there are so many limiting beliefs about money, and I will write about it another post another day.

Everything is energy as I said in the beginning of the post, and it’s the same with money. It has a certain vibration, just like love and joy among other things, and when you begin to ask yourself what it would give you to have X amount of money, how you would feel that you begin to rock the status quo. That’s when you can begin to grow beyond that which you have thought before. And when you question your own answers and dig real deep, you will come to meet your limiting thought patterns, and when you recognize them; be happy! Because now you have an excellent opportunity to make some new thoughts around it. Which after a while, when practiced, turns into new beliefs that serves you better.

Write down every negative thing you think about money, and then write the opposite of that on the paper and begin saying the new statements to yourself with great positive feelings behind your words and you will begin to re-program your subconscious mind.

Keep doing it, even if it feels kind of strange or goofy at first. Just begin to change the inner conversation you have about money, and soon it will flow into your life like never before!

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