Keep Your Attention On Things That Matters Most

If something is meant to be, it will happen, whatever it may be for you individually.

With that said, it doesn’t mean that you can sit on the couch waiting for some God to hand over the perfect life to you while you spend your time on mindless things as being on Facebook for hours every day doing nothing basically.

To live from a perspective of Spirit is not about laziness or being passive, and it’s certainly not about letting fear interfere with your calling in any way. 

You can trust that whatever is meant for you, exactly that will happen (all we can do to ‘hinder’ it from being a living reality is to postpone it, sometimes for many lifetimes), but on the journey we have to be willing to take chances, we have to be willing to make ‘mistakes’ also, and know that there isn’t a purpose to our lives that is static and set in stone.

Purpose changes all the time, and we are not in charge of deciding why things happen the way they do, or even why we do the things we do.

All we can decide is how we chose to spend This Moment when it comes to attention and perspective. 

I have felt rejected by the world many times in the past, even by God, but I have never doubted myself.

We have to continue following our hearts calling, it cannot – and shouldn’t – be rejected or neglected.

You have to do what feels right in your heart, even if failure may be one of the outcomes.

And that’s not even the reason we do what we do when we follow the heart; failure or success has nothing whatsoever to do with it.

We also have to be open and changeable, moldable, by Life that is, not by outer influences in attempts to try to give the world something we think it needs (which comes from the ego and it’s noble wishes to ‘save the world’ as if it knew what the world needs) or something we think it’s asking or demanding from us (the expectations of others), but by that which drives us from the inside.

That’s what we need to stay true to. 

We have to be willing to change, and luckily for me personally that is inherent in my nature and temperament; I have always been experimental, curious and loved to explore more deeply about life and who I am at a core, while playing around with the costumes and roles life have had (and has) in store for me.

And I can tell you that if there would be any so called failures, they would be victories for your soul. Trust me on that one. Only the ego get crushed in the process, not the core of your being, it remains intact and confident, always.

Nothing is ever in vain when serving that which is true in your heart and every ‘failure’ is a new opportunity to tweak your ways (not to accommodate/conform, but to learn from what didn’t work, or what wasn’t really in alignment with who you are after all) and become more and more clear about the path and vision God has planted in your heart.

The ideas and the visions are not created by you; you receive them and you act on them, that’s what it means to live from the heart. Your personal will has nothing to do with it. 

You are in every moment informed by your intuitive wisdom what to do and where to go, all you have to do is to trust it.

When you are connected to that, there’s no way you can be stopped, you cannot not do what you are inspired to do, there’s a bigger pull that drives you and you know it, and you honor it.

You receive the vision and ideas and then you just go with it, wherever they may take you, and you do it purely because it feels like the right thing to do, because you enjoy it, and not to get money or recognition or whatever – it’s a matter of loving what you do.

Some will like what you share, others won’t. That should not make any difference to you, you’re not here to live other peoples lives. 

Nevermind what other people project regarding you and the journey you have embarked on, don’t give a hoot about that, don’t let it bother you one bit.

Just throw yourself into it, wholeheartedly!

I have complete trust in my own path, complete. I know without a doubt that this moment right now, what I do in this precise moment, this is the purpose of my life.

What tomorrow brings I don’t know, and I don’t care; there’s no need in me to know what the next moment brings or how Life decides to move and express itself through and as me tomorrow or next year. 

Dharma is about doing the right thing no matter what, in this moment, and your sphere of influence in the world is the way you live your life, simple as that.

In my opinion we’re either committed to profound honesty and sincerity with ourselves and our path, or we’re not, there’s no halfway available in this.

Either you are committed to Truth or you’re not, either we practice and live our Dharma or we don’t.

To move this way through life requires that you let go of the need to figure anything out, trusting that you will be informed in the moment you need to know something, because we are always informed and directed already as Life lives us!

It’s only when we interfere with our personal will (and we don’t pay attention to our intuitive knowing) and are trying to force our way to go in a specific direction, stubbornly and determined to go where we want to go (the ego wants), against the current of Life, that’s when we suffer and struggle our way through life. (“I will get what I want, at all cost”-mentality).

Remove the ego’s little wishes and wants and get a fresh perspective, free of desires of achievements and outcomes and we’re immediately aligned with the natural flow of life that moves with absolute ease and obviousness.

To be true to yourself:

  • Get clear on your priorities and values. To know what you value and to actually live up to them are vastly different. It’s not enough to value Truth. Are you actually living your Truth, right now? Or are you wasting your time on things that don’t really matter? Get clear on that.
  • Set boundaries for what kind of energy you accept into your life and what not. Do you accept drama in your life? Are your friends supportive and inspiring? What’s okay with you, and what’s not?
  • State within you who you are willing to be. What roles have you accepted to play in life, and do you limit yourself within the boundaries they carry with them? Are you willing to change and embrace the fullness of who you are, and look beyond the person you take yourself to be – are you willing to take the ‘garment’ off and see what remains when all definitions of who you are are dropped?
  • Set your standards, respect yourself and stay true to yourself. Period.

We’re in the midst of Life, we are it, but until we know it, life will feel as a struggle with occasional rewards and happy moments, while when we are clear and we stay true to who we are, that’s when we come to realize that life supports us in our commitment to be ourselves, which is Life itself. 

When we let go and surrender to Life and Its ways, the freshness of this moment opens up the path and the space of perception widens and we’re able to see a whole new world in front of us that is so much more enjoyable and interesting than the small world of the mind-made self/ego.

The choice lies in what you pay attention to and what you value the most – are you living your Truth?



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  1. mary lessis

    What tomorrow brings I don’t know, and I don’t care; I hope to get to that point in my journey ! I am ok with I don’t know but the don’t care part I need some work on maybe. thanks for the post. Mary

  2. “I don’t mind” is maybe a better choice of words.

    It’s not meant in an nonchalant or arrogant way, it’s more like whatever happens is meant to happen and to not have any expectations on having things go ‘my way’ so to speak.

    We can’t know what tomorrow or even the next moment brings, and the more clear this gets, the clearer it also gets to not concern ourselves about what may come or not come.

    In that sense using the words “I don’t care” may be appropriate.

    It’s something we all come to sense and experience the more faith and trust grows, as fear is what keeps the controlling ego alive.

    When we really know that we don’t know, that’s when there’s true freedom 🙂

  3. Mary Lessis

    OK , I think I am getting it. I copied and pasted the sentence in your blog . What tomorrow brings I don’t know, and I don’t care; so are you so to just go with the flow ? to try and live in the moment ? yes I do need to get to the point were I don’t mind so that away it won’t be on my mind ! that is what I am reading from this. thanks Mary

  4. Yes, I know you pasted what I wrote:) That’s why I explained a bit more what I meant.

    It’s not about ‘trying’ to live in the moment, it’s really about realizing that nothing exists outside of this moment so it becomes obvious, not something that we should strive to do, it’s just very clear when you start seeing the truth that Life is actually always only Now.

    It comes naturally when we go deeper and deeper into our true nature.

    It’s a discovery really so just keep asking those deeper questions and see what life reveals to you.

  5. Mary Lessis

    ok so now is all we have. AMEN …THANK YOU………..

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