“Don't you ever let a soul in the world tell you that you can't be exactly who you are.” ― Lady Gaga

Be Perfectly Happy With Yourself

Accept yourself fully and be perfectly happy being who you are.

It’s when we try to fit in or do things perfectly that we block the flow of our own greatness and the possibilities that life has for us.

No one is “perfect”, we all have our own unique ways of being, and we all have our shortcomings too so course there are things we can improve in ourselves, but not because we think we ‘should’ (just to please others). 

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It’s more about being interested in knowing yourself more and discovering and developing different sides of yourself.

We can only grow and discover what we are capable of doing if we are open to the possibilities that life presents to us every day that helps us grow and become more, more of who we already are.

It’s not about becoming perfect, it’s about discovering deeper and deeper aspects of ourselves.

Many people hinder themselves from experiencing the fullness of life because they think they are not good enough, not smart enough (or “spiritual” enough) and so on.

They feel that they have to be perfect, or more like everybody else.

No one is perfect, and we’re not suppose to be either, and we are definitely not meant to be ‘like everybody else’.

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I mean, what is perfect, anyway? Just think about it. What other people or the world thinks?

Well, that changes all the time doesn’t it. One year it’s this and then the next it’s something else.

Instead of trying to be perfect, try to be perfectly happy just being you.

When you accept yourself fully and become comfortable in your own skin, you will have more fun in your life too.

We are not defined by what we do or have (or don’t have) or where we come from, we are way more than that, so strive more for wholeness in yourself where you embrace all of you.

Find the sense of being complete in yourself.

Never think that you have to be perfect or do things perfectly. Don’t let the striving for perfection hold you back. 

Just do things, try new things, have fun, enjoy yourself, and share yourself with the world.

There will never be another you and you have something to share that is uniquely you, that only you can express, do, and give, but as long as you strive for perfection or are afraid of other people’s opinions about you then you will hold yourself back.

“I used to be afraid, particularly of people who say, ‘Oh, she’s so full of herself’, Now.. I embrace it.” – Oprah Winfrey

Real healing and true transformation has to do with the removal of all that stands between us and Truth, it removes what you’re not, and empowers and expands the truth of who you really are.


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