Links, Pretty Links and Permalinks

What Are Pretty Links and Permalinks?

How To Make Links Look Better

A great thing to do now that your blog is brand new is to change the permalink settings.

(If you change them later on, you will need a plugin that convert your old URL’s to the new setting, more about that in another post. But if your blog is brand new; I recommend you do this right away)

In your WordPress dashboard, on the left hand-side, under Settings, you see a link to Permalinks, click on it and you’re redirected to a page where you can change your post-links (URL) so that they look better, and also so that Google can find your posts easier.

Chose the Custome Structure and copy and paste this in there: /%postname%/

And save changes. This makes your links look better, like see the link in this example:

If your post title is very long, or contains words that’s not ‘useful’ to have in a link, you can edit them here:

As you can see, my post title is “Links, Pretty Links and Permalinks”, but I edited the permalink as you see in the pic above and removed the word “link” because it’s a very wide word, no one really Google the word “links”. More likely people Google Permalinks for example. Maybe you did too, if you found this post while searching for info about it?

Just click on “edit” and remove/add words in it that describes your post/article.

Next up; how to create good looking links within a post.

To take one of my old posts as an example:

If I’d wrote an article and wanted people to go read one of my posts, I could make a link to it, and it could either look like this:

“Check out my post about how to start blogging with WordPress:”

Or, it could look like this:

“Check out my post abouthow to start blogging with WordPress”

This is how you do it:

I use both ways depending on if I feel it’s important that my reader know what the post’s name is, and sometimes because I think it looks prettier 🙂

Finally, a great plugin that helps your posts look prettier as well, but that is more a practical plugin, is the Pretty Link (free version, see link to pro version at the end of this post) plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows you to shorten your URL’s and also to “cloak” them, which means “hide” them. It’s a great plugin if you do Affiliate Marketing for example.

It protects your affiliate links so that “bad guys” (you know what I mean.. lol) can’t get a hold of your unique affiliate URL and get all your $ that you get from your promotions.

As an example; I use HostGator to host my sites (and other sites I have) and I reeeeally recommend them, so I have joined their affiliate program.

When I did, I got my own unique affiliate link from them which contains letters and numbers, and it’s a great thing to “hide” that link from the “bad guys” on the internet so that’s where you can use a plugin such as Pretty Link.

My affiliate link looks kind of like this: with a bunch of letters and numbers.

With Pretty Link you can make it look prettier, so now my affiliate link to HostGator looks like this:

Nice, huh? 😀


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