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A Higher Perspective Fuels Gratitude

Perception and Perspective is Everything!

You can see mistakes and failures as misfortunate events, or you can shift your perspective and learn from them and move on with your life feeling empowered.

When we don’t learn from them they just keep coming up in different scenarios and situations and through different people to deliver the message we need in order to grow.

Self-awareness is crucial.

It’s the #1 key to progress and growth.

And the truth is that every persons’ life is greater than their experiences no matter how disappointing or frustrating or traumatic it might have been.

Progress comes from learning from what went ‘wrong’ so it doesn’t happen again.

A person who doesn’t learn just continues to make the wrong choices, and especially if they are stubborn and unwilling to shift their perspective towards a higher way of seeing things.

Learning from wrong choices, mistakes and failures is what helps us moving forward and allows us to rise to an even higher level of living than before.

Self-awareness is always the key.

And so is intending to in every situation stay connected to your heart, to love, and to move from a place of light.

We all have a supreme destiny that is bigger than ourselves but when a person gets stuck in their ego-mind they lose that heart connection and that throws them off center and the result is disharmony.

Sometimes when we’re not listening we get taken off track and we end up with the wrong friends, in the wrong marriage, the wrong job, or whatever it might be. 

But in those “mistakes” there’s infinite wisdom available that helps us grow if we just listen to it.

So in essence there are no wrong paths, not really, because every path has something to teach us – provided we choose to see it that way.

The right perspective creates a sense of gratitude.

Failure and mistakes are things we can learn from so that we can become better from them. 

When things happen that are perceived as “wrong” and you stubbornly stay with that perspective, growth stifles and you become stagnant (and you’ll grow more and more resentful and bitter).

But when you open yourself up to a different viewpoint, the guidance becomes apparent and by listening to its advice it will then help you make better choices from then on.

Those new choices are what helps you move in the right direction and what brings you back into the flow of life.

So depending on how you choose to see it, you can gain as much from your mistakes and failures as you do from your victories and triumphs.

The painful lessons and teachings are there to wake us up, and the beautiful and wonderful experiences are there to celebrate our deeper and truer connection to the universal flow. 

That’s when we can sincerely say “Thank you for this experience because it taught me/helped me realize _______”. 

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If you’re going through something right now that has thrown you off path, see it as an opportunity to re-direct your energy.

See the gift in the situation and apply its teaching and let it help you become more clear about what you want and what your core values and intentions are.

Everything that happens to us in life is a hidden “blessing”.

Whatever (or whoever) that is in front of you that you see as ‘wrong’ or difficult is there to help bring you closer to what your life has been designed for.

Everything is actually rigged in our favor but when we choose to have the perspective of a victim, we become a victim (of our own doing).

So let your misfortunes, failures and mistakes serve as a way of getting clear of the path you want to take moving forward.

Let everything you’re going through or experiencing empower you to rise above the energy that is stifling you or bringing toxicity to your life.

Learn from it, make a new choice, and move on.

Intention clarifies your why and it needs to always be backed up with action.

“What have I to learn from this event/situation/condition?”

“How can I make a better choice next time?”

How can a similar situation be avoided in the future?”

“What do I need to change or do differently from now on?”

“How can I grow from this?”

These kinds of questions will empower you.

The questions should be asked from a place within you where you really want to know how you can become a better person because of what has happened.

And when that is clear, there needs to be action to ensure that you’re taking your life to a higher level of consciousness.

Words don’t mean a thing unless you take action to back them up.

Your biggest challenges, mistakes, failures, pains and heartbreaks always has the potential to lead you to your greatest moments of fulfillment, joy and happiness. 

They help clarify for you what your true desires and goals are and helps you realize them quicker the faster you learn from them.

So today I invite you to look at any misfortune (anything you perceive as “wrong”) in your life, current or from the past that is still haunting you, and intend to release it from your life completely. 

Detach yourself from the whole thing energetically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally by forgiving the situation and all involved (yourself included).

Bless everything and everyone involved and wish them well (despite of what they have done to you), and move on with your life.

Let gratitude and love be your default and always fall back to that when things seem to ‘go wrong’.

It’s all about perception and perspective and the commitment you have to your own well-being. 

Intend to be free and happy and that is exactly what you shall be! 

Victim-hood mentality builds walls; gratitude breaks them down.
Victim-hood mentality builds walls; gratitude breaks them down.

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  1. Carolyn

    Hi Maria,
    Thank you for this article the timing was perfect. It was exactly what I needed to read today. The questions are empowering. I feel uplifted and energized by the answers I receive when asking the questions. I’ve taken lots of risks this year and I’m growing in unexpected ways. Most importantly, I’m learning how to tap into and trust my intuition. It’s always there. One of the greatest risks I took this year turned out much differently than I expected. I can see now that had I trusted my intuition things could have unfolded differently. This has turned out to be a great blessing because it’s taught me the importance of trusting myself.
    Thanks for everything Maria!

  2. I’m so glad to hear that Carolyn 🙂

    And you’re so very welcome! It really is my pleasure and honor 😊

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