What happens to your pet if you suddenly die?

Have you ever thought about where your cat or dog goes if something happens to you?

Are you assuming someone in your family or your BFF will take care of them?

If my family assumed that I would take care of their dogs if something happened to them they would be very disappointed, so assuming things like that is never a good idea.

The thought just came to me because I’ve met a lot of pet-owners in the past couple of years or so and many people don’t have anything planned for their pets should something unexpected happen.

One of my sisters was in a car accident recently and she had her dog with her in the car (both are okay!) and we talked about how life can suddenly take a turn that could change everything.

We can never know what will happen even in the next moment, so this inspired me to write this short blog.

I’m curious to know;

Do you have things taken care of for your four-legged friend (or friends with fins or feathers) if you suddenly die?

Or do you assume someone will take care of them?

What I did when I had my cats was that I actually had a godmother for them.

It was a good friend of mine who knew my cats and who my cats also loved.

I asked her if she wanted the responsibility and told her everything about what it meant and she said yes.

And then I wrote it down in my cats documents so that it was clear that she would be the caretaker of them in case I would not be able to take care of them anymore.

Have you arranged something similar for your pets?

Or will you, now after you’ve read this?

Share in the comments below!

Santa Clara golf course, Marbella
See to it that there’s someone your pet loves that they can go to if something happens to you.


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