Did They Actually Plant a Tree?

Inspirations sometimes strikes out of pure annoyance! Life is great that way, it’s always inspiring and giving if we choose to see it that way.

I saw this picture on Twitter, and I see these types of pics now and then, I’m sure you all do.


I wonder how many of these people who re-tweeted and shared this pic with their friends and followers actually did something?

Like actually planted a tree. 

My bet is that a very (very!) low percentage actually took any other “action” than to share this pic with others.

Thus no help was actually given.

This is something that really annoys me and that I have written about in a few article before.

My opinion is that when we see injustice or something we consider to be wrong or something that needs to be done in order to improve and sustain this planet we share (like this tweet prompts us to do), you either do something or you don’t, but if you would decide to act you would go all in.

Hundreds of people sharing tweets is not very helpful if not much else is done, that’s what I mean, and I see a lot of these types of things.

Of course I can’t know how many actually did plant a tree but my guess is not many.

Most of the time it seems to be that “someone (else) should do something”.

There are people posting videos all over the Internet of animals being abused etc thinking they’re an ‘informer’ without actually doing something constructive about it.

Yes, I have actually asked and confronted someone who did this type of things every day, all day long. But that was also all she did.

To me an ‘informer’ is the one that made the video (that’s the one who reports and he/she reports from direct experience and not from what someone thinks after what they have seen in a video on the Internet), and then shows it to us the public (which is us), and then we take action if it resonates (we can’t all be everything for everyone).

I have said it before; if someone’s not doing something besides from sharing tweets etc they’re just shoveling piles of crap back and forth screaming ‘horror, horror’ but not really doing anything about it.

Who’s gonna pick it up? Someone else?

And then the videos gets viral..

Hundreds and maybe even thousands of others start to scream “horror, horror”, sharing with their friends and on and on it goes, creating even more ‘horror’ in the world.

They are “informing” others they say.

In my mind the true informer is the one that had the guts to actually film the reality of what is going on, who maybe even put their own life in danger so that they could show us (the public/the world) what’s going on.

That’s an informer or reporter.

Those who don’t take action on the things they ask others to take action on so to speak are just talkers, and talk is cheap.

All that happens is that people all over the world is reacting from the fearful and angry mind but there is no respond from the heart to the matters that concerns us all.

People who watch the news and then go about complaining about it to others in the office the day after or in the bus or whatever are the same; people who sit on the couch, complaining about no one doing anything, completely blind to the fact that they might be the ones that life is calling to action.

It’s the same type of mentality and it degrades the human being – we can do so much better!

But many don’t see it within themselves because they are too trapped in their minds, they are too busy re-tweeting and discussing with each other online.

It’s up to us to take action to help those children or animals or whatever if we feel called to, and somehow come up with a solution, or present an already existing solution; that’s a more appropriate reaction and response to what has just been seen, wouldn’t you agree?

Tweeting and passing on videos day in and day out is not very helpful.

The same with all the “please pray for ____”-tweets; my feeling is that most people don’t actually pray, they just re-tweet asking others to pray and help.

Did you actually pray if you were one of them that re-tweet those types things..? That’s my question.

Not that I want your answer, I just want each and everyone look into their hearts to see if it’s true.

Because I  can’t know of course. 

I guess my intention with all this is to inspire people to look within their own hearts to see if this is their behavior too and then perhaps make more conscious and authentic choices in the future.  

Of course some of the videos has to be shown etc so they obviously need to be shared to be able to go viral, but think a little before posting and re-tweeting to see if there’s something you can do that is helpful and constructive.

If something really touches you and you feel that something is wrong or could be improved upon, then do something about it and then share the videos and tweets at the same time to inspire others.

Even if it’s to just donate a few bucks and then tell others where they too can donate or help out in other ways.

This pic I saw on Twitter today inspired me to write this article – it triggered it for me, because I think this happens far too many times that many just mindlessly share and re-tweet without taking any other action and I wish to inspire people to actually do something constructive when they see a need and feel the call to do something.

I don’t think a re-tweet is enough if you see something that created a reaction in your heart and that urged you to take action.

That’s just my own personal opinion.

If you were one of the hundreds of people that felt the call to do something but didn’t really do anything else than clicked on the re-tweet button, then here’s a link to where you can help the planet by actually helping by planting a tree:


Here’s another of my articles that is similar to this one: mariaerving.com/change-begins-with-you

And lastly, here’s a post that might inspire to maybe teach your children how to plant and create a little garden or something that connects them with nature: mariaerving.com/how-to-grow-your-own-vegetables-and-herbs 


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