A different perspective on post-production depression

I believe society is manufacturing depressed people, while in reality they may not be depressed at all.

There’s a Scandinavian TV show that I like called “Skavlan” and in the last episode they talked about post-production depression.

It’s basically about entering a phase where emptiness (or boredom, feeling of being in a limbo etc) follows after a creative endevour of some sort if over.

It happens to most creative people and what I want to say is that it’s not “wrong” in any way at all! 

Obviously every person has to look within themselves to know for sure if it is a depression or not, I can’t say anything about that, but I do want to offer a different way to look at it. 

I know there’s a different way to look at it since I am a creative person myself, so I know that it depends on how you see it, and your emotional state will always follow what you believe it is.

Meaning, that if someone (a doctor) has labeled your ‘condition’ to be wrong and they call it depression, then that may be what you’ve accepted without looking at it from a different point of view.

And if you expect a depression to follow after a creative project of some kind, then that’s what you’ll experience, but you don’t have to.

You can ask yourself if it really is a depression or if it might be something else.

If you perceive it as being wrong and call it a “depression”, then you will suffer unnecessarily, but if you perceive it as a natural way of life unfolding where ’emptiness’ is not wrong, then your experience of it is going to be different too.

It’s completely natural and should not be called a “depression” in my opinion, and if you have been diagnosed as having post-production depression then I strongly urge you to think twice about it.

Feel intuitively within yourself if it’s really true that it is a “depression”, and also think twice before taking any medications against it.

Honor Your Cycles (the natural flow of your life).

We are way too quick to label these things as ‘depression’ when in fact it’s just a part of a natural process and can be experienced with ease and inner peace.

When my quiet and empty phases come, I relax into them and allow myself to have them.

I wrote an article about it here:

The 4 Stages Of The Creative Process

We make these natural cycles wrong and we resist them and try to avoid them when in reality they are absolutely natural and could be enjoyed instead of resisted.

It’s a natural cycle and in that cycle we need to honor the need to go into the silence and do nothing, and the more we can relax into it, the more productive we actually become. 

It’s from that emptiness that great things come and unfold.

But we have been brainwashed into thinking that we should always be doing something, to always be busy and working, so when the quiet phase comes, we think that there must be something wrong with us so we call it a depression and then we fight that.

When in reality it’s actually a time for self-reflection, processing and integrating the experiences etc from the last productive phase before a new active phase begins again.

Try to be kinder to yourself and honor your natural cycles.

It’s complete madness to be fighting against them.

Yes, the productive period is over and you may feel as if you will never have another one again that enjoyable (you feel ‘the blues’), but there will absolutely come more of those because they are natural to us.

And as soon as you allow yourself to relax into the quiet phase you will enjoy the cycle more and it always follows a new active phase, and you know that, you know this.

There will always be a new creative and productive project or endevour.

There has always been another project or thing to ‘do’ later, hasn’t there?

But we tend to forget that when we allow ourselves to wallow negatively in the absence of not having a ‘next thing to do’ immediately.

Read the article (this one) and see where you are in your cycle and allow yourself to relax into it.

Instead of making the phase wrong, ask yourself why.

Why is it wrong to feel the way you feel?

What if you didn’t call it a “depression”?

What if you called it something else (used a different description/words)?

Or what if didn’t call it anything but just saw it as a natural flow of how your creative process unfolds?  

Look at it now without labeling it as anything and without saying it’s good or bad.

Close your eyes and feel into just being with what is, without naming it and then ask yourself “is this really a depression, or is it part of my natural creative process?”

What if you just relaxed and accepted the quiet phase without making it wrong?

What if you embraces it? Could you do that?

Could you relax into your natural cycle and actually enjoy all the different phases?

What if there is nothing wrong with you at all? 

Do you not feel the relief within when you allow yourself to just be the way you are in this moment?

I mean, what’s wrong with emptiness? Could it in fact be enjoyed even? 

If you feel a sense of peace now, then that’s a sign of you being on the right track with yourself so go with that and enjoy this phase, knowing that there will soon come another one, one that is full of action and ‘doing’. 

enjoy the little things
Allow yourself to take a breather and relax into the natural phase of rest and rejuvenation. Take some time to smell the roses before a new creative phase begins.

Feel very welcome to share your thoughts and personal experiences with me about post-production depression by leaving a comment below. Let’s talk about this!

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