The Power of Attention (Stop Worrying)

Life does not flow to us, it flows through us, and when that is seen clearly we cease to give any external, created things, any power.

But as long as there’s a belief in something external that we think has power and authority over us (and that will bring to us what we desire and need) we invite suffering into our lives.

Any beliefs in duality creates suffering and limitations, but as those are let go of, we are free to experience life as it really is. 

Most people are unaware of the innate power that we all have and that we all use all the time, either constructively or destructively.

The power within can be used for good or bad, but the power is still only one; it’s how we use it that determines how we experience life, and how we perceive it (which eyes we choose to look through) comes by our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.

It doesn’t really matter if a belief is ‘beautiful’; if you for example believe that a prayer to an angel will help you solve a problem in your life, then it might (or it might not), but by believing in an external source of power you’re making yourself small by thinking there is something outside of yourself that is able to help as if you were helpless.

You are giving your power away by not realizing that the power you’re speaking and praying to is merely an aspect of yourself. 

The same with any kind of external powers that people turn to; if you believe in horoscopes you might live with the belief that this year your relationships will suck because this or that planet is out of alignment, or you check your weekly horoscopes to see if your business will finally take off, or if you will find love, or whatever it may be. 

This is all about giving your power away to planets and stars, fairies and angels, or whatever your thing might be (even a “God”), all the while they merely exist as beliefs or ideas in your mind and all beliefs are somehow limiting or restricting; they are all projections of  the authority we all have within us onto something outside of us.

These are just a few examples; take any belief and look at it closely and see for yourself and see if there is any truth at all to them.

Dissect them, investigate them and see if you can find one single belief that is not somehow projecting the power that belongs to you onto something outside of yourself. 

The power that created this universe is in you, and everything you experience is in you; it is you. 

Everything you need is within you and you can at any time turn within and ask the power that you are for anything you want to know or understand and it will show you, and the more you acknowledge it as the only power the more power and wisdom will be yours.

You can go to it with any problems, anything, and it will show you the way.

Believe in your own power, in your own ability to make decisions, to choose that which resonates with you and nothing less than that. 

Be bold and ask yourself:

“If I was God, what decision would I make?”

The Truth is that you are God and God obviously only wants that which is true and good.

(Because everything in nature grows, develops and expands, it never goes backwards). 

Duality invites worry while Oneness with the Power within gives us the power to overcome any difficulties.

The worried mind thinks of things that are not true and it makes us feel helpless and restricted as if something external is pushing us around, that’s what duality does.

But life is not like that! Fears and worries are false notions and beliefs that has no place in reality.

Every urge you have is the urge of God to express itself more through you and it always wants to move upward and forward.

If you’re hungry Life (God) wants to eat, if you’re thirsty Life wants to drink, if you’re broke life wants to prosper; the desire within you is always God’s own desire.

And if our attention would wander towards that which is life-affirming instead of looking at the mere ‘facts’ of life (conditions and circumstances) we would all do so much better and enjoy our lives more but most people ignore to look at the truth which is the desire and not the problem.

The mind can’t contain two ideas at the same time, it can only have faith or worry because it can’t think of two things at the same time, and here’s where our power lies; in the ability to choose where our attention is going to be.

Do I wish to be confident and feel secure in my decisions in life, or will I continue introduce fear and worry into my life by believing that I’m a victim of circumstances?”

The Higher Truth will wipe out the lower facts if you let it.


– Realize that worry is an irrational thought.

– Take any worry you have right now and ask yourself if is’s really real, ask yourself where it comes from, if it has any real power, and you will soon be able to laugh at the whole thing.

– Reject the appearance of things (conditions and circumstances), withdraw you attention from it all and go within, knowing that the right solution to any issues your facing is to be found in your own being and that is can only come to a mind that is calm. 

– Say to the fears and worries: “This doesn’t move me one bit, I only agree with Truth and therefor no fear can touch me”.

We can only ever handle things right now in this moment, and most of the time our worries are completely irrational and the more we give those irrational fears power (by believing in them and giving them emotional fuel) the more we’re just reinforcing their apparent power in our lives and we feel stuck or stagnant, unable to move forward.

Fear is paralyzing while faith is a force that moves us upwards and onwards. 

Every time you’re saying “I can’t do this, its too difficult” you’re denying your own divinity; you’re denying your own innate power and wisdom.

You are basically saying that “God can’t do it, it’s too difficult for God”.

Think about it!

In reality Life wants you to move forward, to overcome, to rise and to achieve great things, it is absolutely able to help you.

Within you is a power that can help you overcome any condition, any situation, so affirm now boldly that you are in touch with the wisdom and power within and that you trust its intelligence to show you the path forward. 

Say these things to yourself every day, affirm these Truths about yourself and you will be compelled to take certain steps – trust that you will understand the leads that comes to you, trust yourself to take the necessary steps that you are shown, trust that you can do it –

Remember this Truth: that you have the whole universe backing you up!

None of us is held back, but what happens when the feeling of restriction comes over us is that we’re too focused on outer facts instead of eternal truths.

Whenever attention wanders away your ideal (which is the solution/answer) immediately break the chain of thoughts and bring yourself back to peace by affirming Truth and the negativity will lose its power.

Realize that you give them power by indulging in them, so when you stop indulging and engaging yourself in fearful thoughts their power will cease too.

The reality of you is God.

I AM, is God.

You are that power (we all are) so you are bound to succeed and thrive once you know this.

Move forward with confidence and faith in yourself.

Have faith in victory!

The only blocks we have are those in our minds; false beliefs in our minds

Acknowledge the power within you as the only power there is and things will begin to move in the right direction for you in all areas of life.

Do not remain confused, fearful or frustrated, do not continue polluting the sanctuary within (the Kingdom of heaven is within you) with worries and doubts.

Use your mind constructively, think aliveness, vitality, energy!

Boldly claim your power back and begin to call on it by going within, and know that every urge that comes from your heart (the desires of improvement and upward movement in life) all comes from God; it is God who want’s those things, and therefor you’re bound to succeed.

It wants what you want – it’s your partner and with God you can’t fail. 

It’s a partner but not a dualistic partner – realize that you are it.

Just as you ‘partner’ with your intuition, or ability to hear, or your heartbeat, in this way it is your partner.

There is no need to build shrines for it, or to worship or to beg and plead to it , but to be one with it.

No need to impress it by special rituals and wordings, only be sincere and be yourself, that’s all. 

Promise yourself that from this day on, you will keep your attention on the things that really matters (the Truth) and that you will stay in the Light, because that’s where you belong!



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