Decide It And It Will Be: This Moment Of Choice Can Change Everything!

Many people dream of getting wealthy, but nothing really happens until they make a clear decision to become wealthy. Declare it!

And believe me; when you are clear, you will be so fired up, so ready to go, that nothing will hold you back. You will absolutely be guided all the way from step one. Just take the first step and in the right time the path will be shown to you. Be sure of that.

And yes, sometimes you will be asked to do nothing but trust. Either way, the choice you have made must be firm and clear for you right from the beginning. Never lose sight of it, and always hold the picture and feeling firmly in your heart and mind.

Free will is power, choice is power, and it’s yours, so use it wisely and consciously—because if you’re not consciously choosing what you want, your subconscious mind will choose for you.

And it will do so based on your old, limiting beliefs about what you can become and achieve in your life.

So choices will be made anyhow; you can’t get around it.

Think about it; in any moment, we can change our entire life by making a new decision, and by making it consciously!

When you tell your mind the new decision you have made, it has to obey you. It always simply does as you tell it to do, and when you state something very clearly it gets to work immediately to bring you new ideas and ways to bring those decisions forth.

Sometimes when I have been struggling with something during the day, at night before I go to sleep I tell my subconscious mind to bring me the solutions by morning, and I expect to receive them when I wake up. The answer pops up in my conscious mind.

I have had a lot of “aha moments” through consciously giving my subconscious mind orders to follow and tasks to do. (That’s the Power of Aligned Thought)

The reality is that we are all doing this all the time, without being aware that we are.

When we tell ourselves that something is impossible or hard to do, we are giving that message to our subconscious mind, which in turn helps that to become true for us.

It puts it on the “hard-to-do” shelf in our mind and keeps it there and brings it forth every time we encounter the same things, because that is what we have told it to do.

It reflects our habits back to us until we make a new decision about things. Then that new decision one day becomes the new habit of thought. By choice we can put more things in our “yes, I can, and it’s easy and joyful”-shelf and bring forth that energy instead.

A decision is mostly about here and now. You make many decisions on your way to manifest your intentions. Intention is often of the future. That you intend something sets in motion how the growing process will unfold.

Often you will only get to see one step at a time, and sometimes you might not even know why you are asked by your Spirit to do a certain thing, but you will know it’s the right thing, because it feels right and somehow it brings positive energy to the world.

God intended you, and it’s up to you to decide what to do about that. Intention is the creative force behind your decisions, and by choice you are activating the omnipresent force that resides within you, an infinite potential that can help you do anything.

Decide exactly what you want, write it down, be clear, and make sure you really get to the feeling behind what your desire. Be absolutely fearless and passionate about it. Don’t hold back.

This is your moment to choose. This moment can change everything.

This moment can be your springboard to greatness if you decide it to be.

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