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What meditation can do for you (Personal Stories)

Life molds and rearranges itself to what you’re connected to, and when you’re connected to your soul, life becomes magical.

Turn within and find everything you need, whether it’s answers, solutions, ideas, inspiration, guidance, whatever it is, you can turn within and receive everything you want.

Oftentimes when I talk with people who are here on holiday they ask me about how I moved here and I always share my meditation story with them of how it came about.

It’s possible that I have already shared it with you too but I’ll do it again.

When people ask, I tell them that I live by intuition (in the flow of Life) and that I had started to get an inner calling and desire (which is essentially the same thing) to move to Costa del Sol here in Spain and that I had no clue how to do that (because I didn’t have the money).

I also didn’t know anybody here, nor had I ever been here before, but I just knew that the desire to move was a calling and that when the calling is there and it comes from your soul, it always contains the ways to fulfill that calling too.

The way I found out where to move was that I meditated on it and asked within – that’s how I ‘chose’ which city to move to.

I asked in meditation where I should move and the word “Nerja” came to me.

I saw it very clearly before me in my meditation but I had never heard that word/name before and so I immediately ran to the computer and Googled it and lo and behold, there was a place in Costa del Sol called Nerja.

The moment I saw it I knew that that was where I was going to move, and a few months later I did.

It was so surreal! To suddenly ‘live’ in the pictures I’ve only previously seen online! 😊 I was in pure bliss and so incredibly happy.

Meditation is so powerful but not all people do it even if they hear and learn about the benefits, or they give it a half-hearted try for five minutes and then give up saying it’s not for them or that it’s too hard.

Of course it can be challenging in the beginning, but so is going to the gym for the first time(s) too. You have to practice it and continue doing it until it becomes a natural part of your life.

Meditation can also help you find lost things – even cats!

Yesterday I met a woman when I was out walking and she was calling on a cat and I stopped and talked with her and asked her if she had lost her cat and she said yes and started to tell me her story.

It was heartbreaking because I know how precious our pets are to us and I too once lost one of my cats where he was gone for two weeks and I looked everywhere for him without finding him.

So I told her my meditation story of how I finally found my cat, that I did it through asking in meditation about where I could find him.

I have shared this story with others too in the past but it’s not often I meet a person who actually wants to hear exactly ‘how’ I did it, even if it could potentially help them.

When you share these kinds of things with people who are unaware/unconscious you usually get a blank stare back because they’re just not able to hear you. But anyways, I shared my story with this lady.

This was many years ago (and I wasn’t meditating everyday back then), and I had a couple of cats and one day suddenly one of them went missing and this had never happened before.

I looked everywhere for him and couldn’t find him and for two weeks he was gone and I had pretty much given up hope and I was heartbroken to have lost my beloved furry friend.

Then one day I was guided to meditate and ask within for help.

So I did, and the message I got was that I should take my keys with me and go to a specific area and shake them while I was walking there.

(They recognized the sound of them as I always did that when I got home from work, and when they heard them they always came running towards me to greet me).

So I went out and did that, and within a very short time I found him!

I can’t tell you how happy I was when I suddenly heard him meowing!

When I followed his voice I found him stuck in a room below ground in an abandoned underground garage that he (and another cat) had fallen into from a hole.

I could barely hear or see him, but there her was and now it was just a matter of getting him out of there.

So I called a locksmith who came and opened the door for me (reluctantly, as he was basically breaking into the building illegally but I managed to convince him that I’ll take all the blame if something happens).

Anyways, you can’t even imagine how happy I was when he finally was in my arms again! He had lost so much weight but thankfully he was a big cat (8-9 kg.!) so he survived.

This is how powerful meditation is.

But as I shared this story with the lady I met yesterday I could see she wasn’t receiving it and when I was done talking she just went back to her story and didn’t register that she could meditate too and that it could be helpful for her in terms of finding her cat.

I think many people think it’s some ‘special’ thing that only some people can do, or that it takes years to learn, but it’s not difficult at all and anyone can do it. We all have intuitive and psychic abilities, it’s just a matter of acknowledging them and developing them.

Meditation does so many other things for us too, such as bringing inner peace, confidence and joy, as well as increased intuition and awareness and so on.

I always teach the people I work with about these things because it is the thing that will propel you towards a magically co-creative life where you live in alignment with the truth within you.

It’s a magical way to live, and when you make the connection to your inner Self a priority, it will guide you to the most amazing things, give you the most wonderful and inspiring ideas, help you when you have any concerns, and bless you in so many ways that you can’t even imagine.

Abundance and blessings can find you wherever you are, it doesn’t matter where you are, you literally become magnetized to them.

Just last week I was far, far up in the mountains to have a Maria-day to meditate, write, and just be with mySelf.

I was in the middle of nowhere and sat and meditated and suddenly I got an intuition to get up and walk a few meters around the corner, so I did that, and there, in the middle of the woods, is a 50 euro bill laying on the ground as if it had been placed there specifically for me.

So money for example can find it’s way to you even when you’re in the middle of nowhere, far away from other people and civilization! 😊

So I smiled big, not so much for the money itself but for how it came to me, and said thank you, and went back to my meditation spot and continued to sit in silence and being in stillness.

These kinds of things can happen to you too when you get in alignment and when you meditate everyday.

Your life will be completely changed for the better when you enter into and establish yourself in the universal flow of Life.

Life is meant to be lived through our intuition.

When your gut or intuition tells you to do something, do it.

Especially if it’s something that you don’t normally do; have the courage and dare to follow the hunch or idea and you will be very happy you did.

Or if you’re out walking and you suddenly get hunch to turn around and go back, listen to the guidance and just do it.

Same goes if you’re with someone or are somewhere and you suddenly get a feeling that you should leave, then leave. Don’t question it or ask why, just do it.

(Even if you your ego is afraid of looking stupid, crazy or weird in the eyes of other people that might wonder what the heck you’re doing or why you’re suddenly changing your mind).

The moment you begin to rationalize or wonder why you get the feeling (as in wondering if you should follow it or not), you’re questioning your own inner wisdom.

And then, when you ignore your intuition (like most people do), the mind needs to come up with a justification to why you’re going against your inner guidance so it can make sense of why you’re doing that.

So it comes up with things to help you rationalize your choice (and if you lack self-awareness you automatically believe the justification more than your inner truth) because essentially you’re lying to yourself, and your mind helps you with that because it’s its job.

It can help you in the opposite way too, it can easily go the other way around too where your mind is actually your ally and not your ‘enemy’, it’s all up to you.

The poor thing is just doing its job and most people are not aware of this, that they actually are the ones that are meant to lead their minds and be in charge of their own inner world, from which life is continuously unfolding.

Everything unfolds from within, and depending on what you’re connected to (ego or your true self), that is the way life unfolds itself for you and comes into manifestation.

When you follow that which comes to you from your inner Self and you live from that space and in alignment with That, you will come to love your life and step into a world you didn’t even know existed.

(The picture is from one of my many walks and hikes in the Andalucian mountains. I’m a huge nature-lover and spend a lot of time there, both walking and also in meditation. Nature and meditation puts you in a high vibration like nothing else.)

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