Trust is the key to a life more abundant

Do not underestimate the power of the Divine!

The Divine is limitless in its power!

I hear stories all the time from people who have the most amazing things happening in their life when they finally trust the Universe, the Divine that lives in them.

Trust is usually the turning point for most people; when trust clicks into place an almost miraculous life starts to unfold.

So today’s message is this:

Believe in the Divine power within you!

Do not underestimate it because once it’s awakened in you, a whole new life will start to take shape for you.

And it will not look like anything that you’ve seen or experienced before.

In fact, it’ll be beyond your wildest dreams; a new life that has nothing to do with your past, or the ‘known’.

Our truest and most amazing life happens when we surrender to the flow of our own life’s energy and the Divine wakes up in us.

When Life gets to live itself through and as us.

It’s a divinely inspired and empowered life where the past is washed away and you have stepped into your own inner power and divinity.

It’s a life lived in dignity as you’re meant to live, and where there is no end to the gratitude you feel in your heart.

So believe in the Divine power within you!

Believe in the Universe, believe in it and once you do, your belief will draw into your life all the goodness you can imagine, and beyond!

When a desire comes to you, when you feel a desire in your heart to do something or go somewhere, trust it.

Accept it in its fullness because there’s a reason why the desire was given to you at this time in your life.

The timing is perfect so accept the desire as a fact Now because it already exists in consciousness, and by accepting it you are saying Yes to the gifts from the Universe.

The Divine speaks to us through the language of desire, telling us that it is ours for the taking.

Take it – accept it! And your belief will reel it in. Your trust will reel it in, and it will materialize and manifest for you.

In ways you don’t know, so get into the mood of positive expectancy because the moment you accept it, it is yours.

Do not underestimate the capacity of the Divine to bring it to you and you to it.

Remain confident that the creation is finished and only awaits your energy to catch up and meet the vibration of it and suddenly, when you least expect it, what once was a dream or a desire, suddenly it becomes your life.

There are no limits or end to what it can do, so today I really encourage you to listen to the desires of your heart and accept them fully.

What has been calling you lately? Listen to that, and say Yes to it.

You will not regret it!

The only regret you can have is if you come to the end of your life and realize that you could have a completely different life than the one you’ve had had you just followed the guidance from within.

So again; Ask yourself sincerely today what is calling you from within, what’s urging you or nudging you to go somewhere or to do something, and say Yes to what comes up without hesitation.

Accept it is a gift from the Divine that lives in you and who wants to experience them through you and know that what you’re essentially saying Yes to is love, joy, and abundance; to Life itself!

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