Transform Your Mind With The Power Of Words (Teleclass)

This week I will speak about the transformative power of words and how changing our language, the way we speak and the words we use, can help transform and change any condition or situation around.

Words can also be used to empower us and to bring forth the power of God within us and so I will be speaking about that as well.

I really love this because there’s so much more power to our words than what we might think, so much more.

The words we speak reveals our attitudes about life and our attitudes about life creates the experiences of the conditions we find ourselves in.

The power of words can be used to help create an internal transformation, a transformation of the mind, and that’s really something that I’m passionate about, so in this Teleclass I’m going to share with you how you can do that.

I’m going to mention affirmations but not talk about them in the way most people do, and there’s something that is way more powerful than affirmations when it comes to true and lasting transformation, so I will be sharing that with you as well.


Isn’t this just absolutely beautiful?

Many times I marvel about the fact that I live in this beautiful paradise.

– I live in a postcard! 🙂

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Here’s what others say:

Dear Maria,

Thank you so much for this week’s Teleclass. I really enjoyed it and I appreciate the loving support.

You have really helped me to understand this as a process and that I need not feel guilty when the pendulum swings the other way.

Thank you so much for helping me with that.

I would like to say that I really enjoy hearing your voice in the Teleclasses more than I do reading on your website.

Both are extremely valuable to me you understand but I feel very comforted by your voice and it seems so very real to me when I can listen to you as if you are in the room with me.

Thank you for your support Maria.

– Juliet Bartlett


Omg Maria, what I’ve learned through you is beyond priceless!

I have gotten more from what you have shared via your Teleclasses, website, distant healing sessions than all the churches, clergy and spiritual organizations combined.

My dear teacher you really are priceless and truly a gift.

So thank you again, I eagerly look forward to your upcoming classes and your easy to understand wisdom that breaks down the walls of confinement and into boundless freedom.

– T. Freeman


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  • Spiritual Chemicalization (37 min.)
  • How To Detach From The False Self (30 min.)
  • Stepping Into Our Greatness Can Be Uncomfortable (36 min.)

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