Ask powerful questions and get guidance in 17 seconds

The deepest part of us has all the answers.

It knows what’s possible for us and what would bring fulfillment and joy into our lives.

And it also knows exactly what we need to do next that allows us to move towards those things.

Today I invite you to ask the questions below and let the answers come to you from the depth of your being.

Think first of ‘what’ you want to know about.

Is it about your purpose in life, or something more general, or a specific situtation in your life?

Whatever it is, become clear about it.

Become clear about the specific area of your life that you’d like to have guidance and direction on and state it clearly to yourself.

When you have clarified that it’s time to move on to the Main Question.

Answer any of the questions below within 17 seconds, without editing your thoughts.

Say the questions clearly/slowly and audibly to yourself and then answer them:

If I secretly knew, why I am here on Earth, summarize it in one sentence”.

If I secretly knew, what my next assignment in life is, summarize it in one sentence”.

If I secretly knew what would make my life better, summarize it in one sentence”.

You will get some kind of clear guidance and direction right away and the answers are suddenly obvious.

The next step is to take action towards the new life direction that you’ve received and let life flow forwards from here.

Eugene Ionesco quote
The questions we ask ourselves has the power to profoundly change the quality and direction of our life.


Questions are more powerful than you might think.

Everything we think and do is pretty much generated by questions and they either push us into new, exciting territories or they keep us stuck in the past.

To have a better life and future we have to ask the questions that lead towards improvement.

Questions are what directs the mind and we direct the energy of where consciousness goes by the questions we ask.

Either they stimulate the mind to think differently and deeper to find the best answers for us, or it just goes round in circles with itself.

People who judge their life experience as being wrong or bad waste their time and energy looking back at what is already passed so the mind can’t move forward.

While people who are willing to learn and grow ask questions that helps the mind to find ways they can improve their current (and future) difficult situations.

The mind (which is infinitely powerful!) can then move forward and find the answers that will help enhance their life experience and change it for the better.

Get in alignment with the flow of life


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