relax and let the universe do its work

Powerful Surrender Prayer

Surrender to the flow of your life.

Life is a co-creative process and if you’re All In for you and your unique path, then you can trust that the Universe is All In for you as well.

Don’t freak out when you enter the phase where nothing happens or moves anymore, where your inspiration has dwindled and where you just don’t know what to do anymore.

Relax. Everything is unfolding absolutely perfectly and the more you can just relax into the “void”, the faster you get into a new productive and inspired phase.

See it as a ‘Sabbath’.

The Sabbath is not a Sunday. It can be any day, it all depends on your individual life flow.

The Sabbath comes after you have done everything that was yours to do.

You’ve gone through a (many times) intense period of working or doing something and then when you feel you’re done, trust that you are.

Now you enter into the Sabbath phase and you’re suppose to enjoy it!

Not freak out about it.

The same goes with anything else that might be going on in your life.

Maybe you’re in a very difficult situation or you’re in the midst of a challenging and trying transition from one phase of life to another or something.

Whatever it is, it’s the same process.

When you have put in all the effort you possibly could into changing your situation, now you simply just have to let go and trust that what you did was enough and leave the rest to the Universe.

Below is a powerful prayer that you can use as a way to help you release any anxiety or frustration in your life because stressing and pushing forward when there’s no fuel left to use from is only going to make you more stressed out and worried.

Not everything is up to you you know. You have a partner in this thing called life. 😊 Let it do its job.

The “void” is a powerful place to be, it’s incredibly potent and there is nothing you need to ‘do’ in this phase other than to basically ‘be still and know’, and then as you relax into the phase (and please enjoy it!), the new phase will make itself known to you and in no time at all you’re back into an awesome productive and inspired phase again! I promise. 😊

Or if you’re in a challenging situation the solution or a door will open up for you that you just could not have opened yourself. Someone or something will come into your life that you could never have ‘produced’ yourself.

Many times the whole situation resolves itself too right before your eyes in magical and miraculous ways when you let go.

So trust, and enjoy the Sabbath! 😊

Say this prayer out loud (and write it down and sign it too) and really mean it:

Say it sincerely and really feel it in your heart and then let everything go, release it all, and don’t try to solve or figure anything out for yourself but let the Universe show you the next step when it’s your time to take action again.

You will know when that is because you will be naturally inclined to do something or inspired to do it (there’s no “trying” involved).

Okay here’s the prayer:

“I have done what I feel was my part to do, and if there was anything else I could have done I would already had done it, so I surrender everything to you now.

I hereby give everything over to you.

I let everything happen that needs to happen.

I let everything that wants to happen, happen.

I welcome everything.

I live in total surrender to the flow of my life.

I’m all in.

I let every aspect of my life rearrange itself according to Truth.

Whoever I’m meant to meet, whatever I’m meant to do, wherever I’m meant to go, and in whatever way it’s all meant to happen, I’m ALL IN.

There is no resistance in me. I’m all in.

Whatever that needs to change, I let it happen.

Whatever wants to happen, I let it happen.

I watch my destiny unfold and manifest itself.

And I stay in peace, knowing that it’s all according to Truth”. 

Use whatever words that resonates with you, the most important thing is that it should bring you a sense of relief.

Relief is an indication that you’re back in the flow of Life.

And now your only job is to stay there and let the Universe do its job.

So relax, enjoy yourself and try to have as much fun as you can. Laugh and let your shoulders drop.

Be ‘like a child’.

Remember, the Universe is never late.

There’s an (amazing!) intelligence behind the unfolding of your life and the more you learn to trust it and live in the flow of it you will continuously be amazed by what it can do in your life if you just let it.

So let it do its work now that you have done yours. Take your hands off the wheel! 😊

The ONLY thing that can hinder its work is if you get back into a state of worry, frustration or fear.

So let go completely. 

There is literally nothing you need to do but to let go and surrender.

Don’t try to ‘help’ or meddle in anything. Simply watch what’s unfolding (without looking for anything specific to unfold) and be amazed.

You will know, absolutely 100% know when it’s time for you to do something again.

And please ENJOY the silent and uninspired phase, knowing that amazing things are being arranged and rearranged behind the scenes by the most powerful force there is: Life itself.

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