Flow unfolds from the present moment

Flow unfolds from the present moment and is rooted in peace.

When we live in the flow of life we come to realize that every event is essential for the wholeness of our life.

There are no meaningless or dull moments, only states of mind that perceive life in those ways. 

We are always either going with the flow or against it, and when we go with it, we naturally respond to cues from the universe as they arise.

It’s a collaboration if you will, where you respond to what shows up for you with complete trust that it is the right thing.

Trust isn’t even the right word to use, it’s more like an obvious knowing.

You don’t need trust when you live in the flow because you are the flow, and when you really know this, you can’t but simply live with a relaxed mind and heart.

Flow is deeply rooted in the now, it’s from, and in this present moment it unfolds.

Today I invite you to get into the flow more fully by releasing everything from your mind and become completely engaged with this moment.

Let go of the past and the future and get back here, to this moment.

Listen to what is going on around you.

Maybe you hear birds, the coffee maker, or the TV in the background.

Involve all your senses in this moment.

What do you hear?

What do you see? And so on. 

Be intensely in the here and now. 

Watch feelings arise and fall.

Hold on to nothing.

Simply be aware of this moment.

And when you are fully present in the Now and feel emptied out of everything that is not in actuality happening now, ask within yourself where the flow of your life wants to take you, how it wants to live through you, what it likes to experience next.

Something will be shown to you as you do this and when it comes to your conscious awareness you can feel the freshness of it, and then it’s up to you to go with it, or not.

When you go with it you become one with the flow, and if you ignore it and go against it, you will feel separated from it (this is the state of our collective consciousness in a nutshell). 

The fullness of life can only be experienced as you let go into letting life live you and it all flows from the present moment, from this moment Right Now. 


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