Productivity is sometimes invisible

Productivity doesn’t mean endless doing and action-taking.

It also means to take your hands off the wheel and let the flow of life do the rest.

When you’re tuned into your inner knowing and you listen to it you always know if you’re being lazy or if ‘doing nothing’ is the right thing to do at the moment.

It’s a huge difference and if you’re honest with yourself, you know which one it is for you.

If you know that you have done all you can/your part of the action taking (“doing”) then it’s easy to release the rest of the creative process to the Universe because it’s the most obvious and natural thing to do. 

And then you simply relax and watch the ‘end of the movie’ as it unfolds before your eyes.

Sometimes nothing happens for a while and it’s important to not get bored or full of doubt, but instead trust that there’s things going on in the invisible realm of life that you can’t see yet.

There’s lots going on there that we can’t see, so when we learn to trust that (which you naturally do once you begin to live in the flow), life flows more easily and harmoniously.

The most productive way to live is actually to let the Universe do its thing without you trying to meddle or interfere because you’re (your ego) is in a hurry and worried things won’t be accomplished unless you ‘do something’.

Trust that the productivity in your life is not all up to you, it’s not all your doing.

In fact the greatest things that are accomplished comes from a higher place within you where things gets done sometimes without ‘you’ doing anything. 

Progress and productivity is always happening in our lives (when we live the life of flow) but it’s not all our doing and it doesn’t look like the kind of productivity that society at large has been brainwashed us into thinking it is.

Society has brainwashed people to feel guilty for not being more like machines so in our culture it’s the norm to be overly obsessed with taking action.

But that’s a very stressful and frustrating way to live and not the way of how things could go if there were more trust and an inner connection to Truth. 

Flow is about living in harmony with the Universe and with the truth within you and not something you can “hack” in order to become more productive. 

Flow is about living from a sincere place within you that is in alignment with the true and higher aspects of yourself. 

It’s about doing the next obvious right thing where you’re moving with the current of your life.

When you go against the current and you try to swim in a direction that is not the natural flow of your life (the way the ego wants to go) that’s when you come to struggle.

When you’re listening to the voice of the worried and hurried ego and trying to do more than is your part to do, that’s when things get frustrating and harder than it has to be. 

Sometimes the greatest productivity comes from letting go.

When you feel that the doing and action taking starts to dwindle, don’t try to force more doing but instead let go and let the rest be done by the Universe.

While you’re letting Life do its thing, simply relax and tune into your intuition, and then soon an inclination to take action comes and it will then be clear and obvious. 

Relaxing your way into Life is not so much about ‘doing nothing’ as it is about aligning your movement with the greater flow. 

So it’s not about being a constant ‘doer’ and it’s not about being passive or lazy either.

It’s about moving with the flow, the current of your life. 

And in all phases of the creative process you stay attentive, relaxed, and connected to flow of your life knowing that sometimes doing nothing is exactly what is needed so you yield to it and let it do its magic in your life.

Productivity in alignment with the flow really is the alchemy of manifestation at its best.

You do what’s yours to do and the Universe does the rest. 

full moon lunar eclipse 2018
The full moon in January 2018, seen in Valencia, Spain. Image credit:

Sending you Good Vibes! 

The full moon can be emotionally intense for many people, especially when it’s a full moon lunar eclipse that that we have today.

Many people feel a lot of tension, worry and fear around the times of full moons and if you feel it, then here’s an article for you that will be very helpful to you so that you can release the fear and get back into the flow of Truth again.

The most important thing is to actually do the exercise, not just read through it and do it in your head, but to resolutely decide that you’re going to see through the fears that are crippling you or taking away your inner peace.

So do the exercise fully, and don’t skip a single step and it will help you come back to peace again where you belong.

Don’t let fear dictate and decide the quality of your life by throwing you into its energy.

Once you see through it, it has nothing to come with anymore, and it’s completely powerless over you.

Here’s the article with the exercise:

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