Dream big and push through

Some Pushing in Life is Absolutely Necessary

Push through the obstacles that keeps you from living a fulfilling and inspired life.

Sometimes people think that living in the flow of Life is about ‘going with the flow’ and kind of just passively and aimlessly flowing through life hippie-style.

“I keep praying but nothing happens” these people often say. And so they keep praying and praying, .. and praying some more.

Not knowing that they are praying to some non-existing external power that they think will save them if they just pray hard enough.

In reality your belief in yourself is also your belief in whatever it is that you call “God”. And when you don’t believe in yourself, you are also not believing in “God”.

Having faith and believing in yourself is not about sitting around ‘hoping and wishing’ but about ‘taking action and believing’.

So there’s definitely some pushing necessary in life.

If you feel stuck or stagnant in your life, then take a honest look at where you need to push through in order to make positive changes in your life.

Do you need to:

  • Push through your resistance to change?

Change can be uncomfortable and you just simply have to push through the discomfort, there’s no way around it.

Just Do It. Change is good, change can be exciting, depending on how you choose to see it.

And you have only this One Life, so waiting for any discomfort to go away before you make a change is a total waste of time (and life).

It will actually get harder and harder the longer you wait to make changes. But at some point you just have to make them, so why not do it right away and get on with it?

Your ego will always postpone change because it likes it best where it’s familiar (within your comfort zone).

  • Push through fears and insecurities?

You become more confident when you do things that scare you and the more you do them the less insecure or shy you’ll be.

What are you afraid of doing? Push through and do it anyway!

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.

  • Push through challenging situations?

Look. The only way is through. (And you don’t have to lose your inner peace and calm when you’re in the midst of a  challenge).

Push through your challenges and you’ll get out on the other side as a more whole and wise person.

Look at any challenge as a transitional phase from one level of life to another that you’re meant to grow from, not shrink and become victimized by.

  • Push through your mind-made limitations?

Whenever the ego voice that says, “Go back, don’t do it, it’s too hard” etc.; Don’t believe your thoughts.

That voice does not belong to you and it’s telling you lies.

You can do whatever you want. YOU be the boss in your life, OK? 😊 Say “I’m the boss in my life!” and take back your power.

  • Push through your victim-hood mentality?

Everything in life happens for you, not against you and you’re always only one thought away from peace and ease.

Shift your perspective and get a different outlook and mindset and your life will change with your inner shift.

Stop the inner conversations of doom and gloom and start talking yourself UP instead.

Change these things and your life will take on a whole new flavor.

Being scared of change is the same as being scared of living. Life is about change and evolution. Go with it and not against it and you’ll enjoy life so much more. Change is progress and progress always brings fulfillment.

Insecurity and fear comes from being too concerned with ourselves. Imagine what would happen if you instead shifted your mindset so that whatever it is that you’re afraid of doing, became about something greater than your fearful self?

Having challenges in life is part of being a human being. Unless you live a very sheltered life away from other people and society, you will go through challenges at some point in your life. But when you learn to meet your challenges from a higher level of consciousness you move through them with much more ease and flow.

Self-awareness is the key that will crush your mind-made limitations. Question your thoughts and assumptions and instead of throwing your hands in the air proclaiming defeat, ask yourself what you can do differently instead of abandoning something entirely just because the voice in your head tells you that it won’t work.

Victim-hood mentality is the worst place you can live your life from. You have full control over your attitude and efforts but you can’t control the outcomes, that’s just the way life works, so push through these things, allow yourself to live, to experience, to grow. Everything that happens to you has something to teach you that will help you become more of who you are, so never allow yourself to wallow in self-pity.

So, is there something in your life that you need to push through in order to create positive changes in your life?

Then do it today and don’t hold back. Get past the obstacles that keeps you from living a fulfilling and inspired life.

Go all in, and Life will meet you in your efforts!

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