Question Your Habits and Spiritual Practices – Are they working for you?

Question everything – even your own answers!

Don’t fall into habitual thinking such as “this is what I’ve always done”, or “this is how it should be done” , “this is the truth” etc.

Of course, if something is working for you, great, continue doing it, but if not, let it go.

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Both bad and good habits comes from choices made over and over again, they are something that we are fully invested in doing.

The question is, do you want to continue being invested in what you’re doing? 

Do you do what you do because of habit? Or conscious choice?

Do you do what you do because someone told you that that was the way to do it (and maybe you want to believe it’s true but your own, direct experience shows you otherwise)?

Are your habits and spiritual practices working for you?

Truly, honestly answer this question for yourself.

If it’s not working, then it might be a good idea to question why you’re doing it, why you continue doing it even if it doesn’t work.

It may have worked once ages ago and now you’re chasing after the same effect you got from it back then in the same way that a drug-addict continuously seeks relief from his pain but never gets it.

Set yourself free by only accepting direct experience from anything anyone is telling you “works” or is the “truth”.

Question everything and be true to yourself.

Is there something in your life that you have been feeling ambivalent about recently?

Maybe there’s a reason to it. My invitation for you is to look into that today.  

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Do things differently, not necessarily ‘better’.

Life can only change if we do so even the slightest little deviation to how we have always done things opens up our minds for change and deeper self-awareness.

If you’re normally a person that always keeps everything tidy and neat for example, challenge that part of your personality by not doing the dishes today and by not cleaning up the mess after yourself; leave socks on the floor etc.

Leave it for today and see how your mind resists this because it’s out of character, it’s outside of the norm, the familiar and predictable.

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