Flow is like breathing

A quick way to get into the flow of Life

Grinding and struggling against the flow leads to nothing but unhappiness and more struggle.

The ego is going against the stream of life, struggling against it, while Life moves forward harmoniously, and when you’re aligned with it, you’re linked to the whole cosmos and move as one with it.

You can quickly progress with the flow of Life because it’s tendency is always towards greater and greater measures of love, truth, beauty and abundance.

So stop listening to the ego and don’t let it take you further into struggle. Instead turn your attention inwards, into just breathing and being still for a moment.

Close your eyes and take a moment right now and do that. Take a deep breath and connect inwardly.

In order to get into flow with your life, you simply need to respond to the moment of Now.

What is the moment asking from you? What seems to be the next obvious thing to do that has nothing to do with what the ego wants and think it needs?

All you need to do is to make an effort in this very moment to turn towards harmony and peace and as you do, the flow takes over and lifts you up from the pit of struggle and striving and takes you into its vast greatness.

When that happens you will feel a sense of relief, and that is a sure sign that you’re now in alignment with the flow of Life again.

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The more you learn how to be in the flow (and how to read the universe), the more you realize the magic and beauty of it, and self-awareness and surrender is what will take you there.

With the ego you move slow (or not at all/you stay on one level of consciousness) and life seem full of struggle, but when you choose to go with the flow, you’ll continuously progress and grow.

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