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Sometimes I receive questions that can be answered in a few sentences, or I can point the person who asked the question in a certain direction, usually towards some of my older articles.

Here follows a few of the most recent questions I have received and my answers to them:

“I don’t feel connections to my kids like a mother should. I don’t feel deep connections to my parents or siblings or most friends. My relationships feel like they only scratch the surface. And I feel guilty especially when it comes to my kids and family. A lot of times I feel like I am missing out on something essential for living a really good life. Do I need to book a session with you to address this?”

Yes, I think that would be a good idea since I would need more information about your situation and challenge.

For example; has this began after you have experienced some kind of spiritual opening or transformation, or is this a part of your ‘personality’, is this something that has been a challenge for you for a long time?

I would also need to know more about your relationships, what their nature is and so on.

What I can say to you right now is that relationships always goes through transformations as we grow and sometimes it can be difficult and challenging.

Even our relationship with God changes, not just the relationships we have with our friends and family, work associates and so on.

So I would love to talk privately with you; simply contact me and we’ll schedule a session.

And here’s also some articles that could be helpful to you:






Hope you find the articles helpful.

“I was talking to a friend of mine last night about meaning in the phenomenal world if we accept that it is a mirror of ourselves. Then any event or happening is a reflection of some inner process, conflict, transformation taking place? What do you think? My friend thought that idea could be over-thought and we shouldn’t ascribe meaning to such things as patterns of bird shit on the sidewalk, although I took the attached picture of one.”

LOL! I had a good laugh about the picture you sent me 😀 Thank you for that.

I think that that question is a complex and deep one, because it can easily be taken as a concept and not a living reality.

Having said that; I think it’s a great thing to do to ask yourself what your experiences in your own personal life comes from.

What is your own experience I would ask? What is your own opinions about it?

Do you see everything as being an expression of what goes on in inside of you?

Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t, it depends on how open we are and where we are in our awakening process.

The world for example is a perfect out-picturing of the level of the collective (mass) consciousness; the wars, the chaos, the suffering etc, are all expressions of the ego consciousness that still rules the collective consciousness, it’s all an expression of the war and chaos and suffering that goes on inside of most people’s minds.

We can know that all is an expression of consciousness – but consciousness itself is so vast that none of us can say we know enough to explain it, that would be ignorant of us to think that we know it all.

Let’s look at an innocent child for example that gets cancer.

To say that they somehow attracted or created that cancer for themselves because of how they are within themselves would not only be cruel but also ignorant in my mind.

As if we can say for sure that that child got cancer because of this or that happening in their consciousness. (Or in the consciousness of them around the child.)

That doesn’t mean that we can’t heal everything, I firmly believe we can, nothing is incurable.

There are so many things we don’t know, yet I would absolutely say that all that we are inside (in consciousness) is on some level being played out in our physical reality.

Our thoughts matter, our beliefs matter, our attitude matter, our feelings matter, and so on.

It all matters, but there’s also a current of life going on that we can’t understand clearly and maybe we never will.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t seek the answers.

I can agree with what your friend said about that maybe sometimes people ascribe meaning to things that are not really meaningful at all.

(They don’t mean anything in particular.)

There are people who interpret all kinds of things as being “signs” while it might not be a sign at all, but their ego want there to be a sign so they make something mean something while maybe in reality it’s just .. – well, a bird shit on the sidewalk and nothing special beyond that.

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“Thanks for the links to the Teleclass on tithing. There was certainly food for thought there I hadn’t considered. I’m still curious about the origin of the practice, like why 10% is the magic number?”

The word “tithe” means “a tenth” and it comes from the Bible, but all religions teaches some kind of giving.

I think it’s a wonderful practice and principle.

And as I said in the Teleclass, to me it’s a spiritual principle and has nothing to do with religion.

I believe even atheists can tithe because it’s about giving back to that which has given you spiritual inspiration and empowerment.

“Is pride always bad? I’m guessing that pride would be something to be avoided because it is of the ego and its self-importance. But then avoiding it is just another escape. Better to accept that it is here, to put a light on our shadow to make it conscious, then work on it?”

Pride comes from the ego yes, but feeling proud of something you have done is not from the ego.

Pride is about boasting while being proud has to do with something you have accomplished that you feel good about.

Sometimes on our spiritual path we go through periods where the ego’s characteristics comes up strongly and suddenly we feel arrogant, or maybe we feel pride as you do, or we become selfish (not caring about others), or whatever it might be, and those times are great opportunities for even deeper understanding of ourselves, so no, it should not be avoided, but grown through.

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La Vinuela, Malaga

This picture is from Lake La Vinuela here in Malaga.

I love walking there 🙂


Thank you for your questions, I love receiving them! 🙂

Feel very welcome to send more of them to me here:

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You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

Ruby Coleman Professional Musician and Actress, Memphis, Tennessee, USA


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