There is a reason why you are where you are

One word that describes Life is that it unfolds magically and that there’s a reason for everything.

I’m always in awe of how Life unfolds and I don’t know what other word I could use without sounding woo-woo, but magical is the one word that comes to mind.

Life is unfolding with such perfection and beauty that it just has to be described as being magical.

It unfolds with such precise intelligence and wisdom, in ways that we can never predict because it’s beyond our comprehension.

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Recently I was going to travel to a place where I had been guided to go and as the day approached I didn’t really feel like going, but knew I had to (was called to), so I went.

I knew that at that place something would be shown to me that I in some way would benefit from so I followed the guidance.

Once there it immediately became clear to me why I had been lead to go there, and my heart was filled with love and admiration of how amazing Life is.

It was a huge gift and it came through a book that was lying on the shelf as if it had been there waiting for me.

I knew that that was why I was sent to that place and so I read the book and got the message that was meant to be received by me and then one thing lead to another and more wonderful things unfolded from that.

It reminded me of another occasion many years ago when I was sent (by Life) to California, USA.

The reason I was sent there at that particular time was that I had some books to read, books that I didn’t have any access to in Scandinavia.

At my arrival to the States a whole library was given to me at my disposal, and my God did I read!

I was in book-heaven and I read and read, and then read some more.

And as time went by I had soon read all the books in the library and literally at the same time my last book was read, my visa expired and it was time for me to go back to Scandinavia.

I knew I was there for that reason, to read those books, to get the messages and wisdom they had for me.

Of course for many other reasons as well, but it was very clear to me why I had been sent there.

I loved my trip to California!

I had an absolutely wonderful time in California, it’s my favorite place on earth and where I’ve known for years that I will eventually end up living.

One of the most wonderful things I experienced there was that I met a guy called Red Bear (he was a native American), and he and I went on his Harley Davidson all over California – It was ah-mazing!

Everything is orchestrated by divine intelligence.

We are where we are by divine appointment and everything is absolutely perfectly orchestrated for a specific reason.

When we look beyond appearances and when we trust Life and go where it asks us to go, even if we don’t ‘feel like it’, there’s always a gift there waiting for us when we arrive.

This of course means we have to be connected to our intuition so that we know the difference between the voice that don’t ‘feel like doing’ something and when we feel something is wrong or off and we should avoid going to a place or meet with a person.

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So today, wherever you are, ask yourself why you are where you are.

Sit down quietly, with your eyes closed and ask within, or whisper the words out for yourself;

Why am I here? What is it that I’m here to receive, to understand, to ‘get’?

And then listen.

Pay attention to what comes to you next (this is where journaling is a powerful tool as you can look back and see what it was you asked for and then see how the answers unfold before you).

It can be a book that comes your way, a book with a specific message for you in it that makes you have goosebumps all over your body because you recognize that it’s directly for you and nobody else.

Or you might hear someone say something, sometimes twice, and you just know the message is for you.

The signs are everywhere.

You might meet someone you would never had met if you hadn’t been where you are, and that person is a key person in your life at this point in time, for one reason or another.

They have been appointed to you (and you to them), so that you could both benefit from each others presence in your individual lives.

So, .. why are you where you are?

There is a reason for it and a gift to be discovered when we look beyond the things that are merely seen by the physical eye and the surface mind.

Look beyond, behind, above, all around you, within and without.

What is the message, the reason, the gift, for you being where you are, right now?

“Why am I here?”

There is a current to your life, and once we connect to the flow of it, and when we learn the language it speaks, Life is experienced with a sense of exquisite beauty and elegance.

So today I invite you to be still and listen to how it speaks to you, because it always is.

There is a message for you to hear today, and it’s not really me asking you to listen, but Life speaking through me, to you, telling you that it has something important to tell you.

And the message might have something to do with ‘magical unfolding’.. ♥

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