RebelMouse No Longer Free (Social Stream Site Changes)

Upcoming changes to my Social Stream Site!

I received some sad news yesterday when RebelMouse announced that their free option will no longer be available after 9/1/16.

This means that after September 1 (2016) my Social Stream site will no longer have links to my free articles and postings that I have posted everywhere online for I don’t know how long.

So unless I find another option similar to the RebelMouse plugin I use (which I doubt are out there at this point) then the free links will no longer be found on after that date.

This then means that I simply have to rebuild the website from scratch and into something else than what it has been before and my RebelMouse page will be gone altogether.

I really love RebelMouse but unfortunately I can’t go with them into their new phase simply because the cost is way too much for me even if I chose to go with their cheapest option.

For those who don’t know what RebelMouse is:

RebelMouse is like a social front page where you can pull together all your social feeds into one, so whatever I’ve posted online whether on Instagram, Facebook or anywhere else I could pull it into my RebelMouse page.

Not only did it gather all my social media activity in one place, but I could also create pages within the RebelMouse page and I just simply loved it!

My Social Stream Site and my RebelMouse page were the places where you could go and easily find (and still can for about a month) my free stuff and most of my social media posting etc in one place.

Lots and lots of links are available there to my free articles so it has been a great way for my readers to simply go there, scroll down the page and find them easily.

I contacted RebelMouse and asked them about their prices as I was offered a 60% discount for my first year if I continued with them.

The reply I got from RebelMouse was:

The licensing offer we’re extending to free customers is $250/month for Rebel Discovery and $500/month for Rebel Runner with a one-year contract commitment, which reflects a 60% discount off of the grandfathered pricing you’re entitled to, which amounts to $625/month for Discovery, and $1,250/month for Runner.”

Whoa! That’s steep.. for me at the moment at least.

I mean, I’m happy for them that they have grown so fast and for the success they have but it’s a bit sad that they kind of ditched all the people who were using their free option all at once and very suddenly.

It would have been more respectful to offer more time than a month so we who can’t afford those types of prices could have gotten more time to look for other solutions.

I know that for me personally who only uses the RebelMouse plugin on one site it’s going to be a lot of work trying to find something else within a few weeks, and I can only imagine the work involved for people with multiple sites! 

A few months would have been a better move I believe and I would personally never (ever!) ditch the people who has supported me throughout the years (my subscribers) no matter how big I grew. 

It’s about honor and respect to me

That’s a personal opinion of mine that I would continue to honor both my paying subscribers and all my other readers that only read my free content, but we’re all different and I understand that RebelMouse wants to monetize their products. 

With that said, to not leave an option that is free is in my opinion not the best move they could have made, especially with those prices, but again, that’s a personal choice and they have to do what they feel they want to do.

RebelMouse has big companies such as United Airlines, Paper magazine, and The Dodo who use them as their distribution platform, so they might grow in that direction more (big companies and businesses) and if so, I wish them nothing but the best of success.

I truly have loved RebelMouse, it’s one of the best platforms I have used (other than WordPress), but a month from now approximately it will be something of the past and my Social Stream Website has to be rebuilt into something else.

Until then, read as much as you can on my Social Stream Site as well as RebelMouse page if you wish to have a simple way to access my free content because on September 1, 2016, it will no longer be there.

After that you have to search for them yourself both online on the different social media platforms I use as well as my website of course (this one).

The links will still exist out there on the Internet but it’s going to be a lot more hassle for people to find them easily.

You will have to actually go directly to my social media pages and search manually here on my site and just try the links out to see if they are for members only or not in order to find my postings and free stuff.

For members of nothing will change as they already have full access to all my articles.   

So that’s a heads-up from me on the upcoming changes and with all this said; who knows, maybe something better turns up as ultimately all changes are for the better. 

It’s a matter of how you choose to see it and I always know that whatever happens it’s always for my benefit as well as others, it’s just that this adds some unexpected challenges and work for me right now that I would have preferred not to have.

But it is what it is and we’re just gonna have to roll with it! 🙂

Thank you RebelMouse for our time together and all the best to you as you move into your new phase in business!


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