Reflect, Embrace Wisdom, Let Go of Pain, and Move On

Have you taken the opportunity to work with the Mercury Retro period?

We’re now in the middle of it, and in about ten days we are officially out of it, ready to move forward again with life at large.

It’s definitely a time for completions with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse coming up next weekend as well.

This last week has been a week of reflection for many not only because of the astrological climate we’re in, but also because, naturally, we’re all kind of wrapping up the year of 2011.

Do you remember where you were at this time last year, and do you see how (and where) you have grown; where you have transformed?

Looking even more into the past, if we’re looking at life from a larger perspective…

…Asking oneself revealing and enlightening questions like:

  • If I were to look at my life; what do I think my biggest life lessons are about?
  • What am I here to learn?
  • What has occurred in my life over and over again; what times in my life has been life-altering?

We all have had (and will have) those times when life took a different turn.

Something happened, and we were almost born anew.

  • When I leave this life some day in the future, what do I think has been the most important lesson that I have learned?

And now look at your life, right this moment of your life; are you in the midst of a learning-process?

What wisdom is there for you take with you, and what do you need to let go of?

For example; I know of someone that has – all his life – experienced loss after loss after loss – so many of his friends, even his best friend, has died.

And he has experienced so much grief in his life because of this.

A while ago he came to me, with a complete new look in his eyes, telling me that he had finally found peace with death, and his whole outlook on both life and death has transformed.

I could see him beaming by this transformation.

What he will do with the wisdom I don’t know. But he could, if he wanted to, use that wisdom to help others cope with their grief. He could become an consultant even.

So, back to you;

Do you see the thread of events in you life, and their significance?

Why did those things happen, and how can you embrace the wisdom before you let the pain (or lesson) go?

Reflective times for sure, for all of us in some way or another, maybe you can relate to that too.


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