Reiki healing and drug addiction recovery

May You Have a Happy, Healthy and Harmonious New Year!

It’s January 2017, and this month, on January 25th, fifteen years ago, I went to rehab for my drug addiction and stayed in treatment for over 2 years.

In my recovery process I received a lot of Reiki healing and became a Reiki healer (and later on a Reiki Master) myself.

It was an incredible help for me not only in my drug addiction recovery, but also in my spiritual and personal growth.

I truly believe that the Reiki energy accelerated my recovery and that is why the next distant group healing session is going to be about that.

To help and assist people with drug addictions whether they’re in the process of recovery or they have decided that it’s time to do something about their addiction.

This includes prescription drugs too. I was on them myself (huge amounts!) in addition to amphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, cannabis and so on.

maria erving former drug addict
I’ve been a badass party gal as well as been sitting in the gutter with a needle in my arm. 

In this next group healing session that is held on the same day as the full moon, on January 12th, I’m going to focus on removing blocks to help start (or support) a healing process when it comes to drug abuse and drug addiction.

This healing session will help release and remove both emotional, mental and spiritual blockages and help promote self-love and self-care.

Darkness out and Light in.

Reiki healing is not a “cure” for addiction, nor a replacement for traditional treatment, but it can assist with recovery and make the healing journey easier to go through.

Remember, I was in rehab for a couple of years and had all kinds of treatments, both alternative and traditional (plus intensive therapy) and it was more or less a 24/7 type of thing.

What I am saying is that Reiki healing was an enormous help for me in my recovery and it can be used as a complementary treatment because it provides vital support and empowerment to the individual.

For example, withdrawal symptoms can be pure hell to go through but the discomfort can be reduced with healing energy.

Healing promotes self-love and it helps you come back to the light, so if you’ve just decided to do something about your addiction, Reiki can show you the way to recovery.

It can show you the next step, open doors, and help release overwhelming emotional turmoil and encourage self-love and assist in your journey to restore health and balance.

Healing energy speeds up recovery; it helps the body heal itself by getting rid of toxins and make the withdrawal symptoms feel less severe.

It can help clear the way, open up a new way, and show you the way forward and upward in your life, a way to health and harmony.

Energy work is also great for people who are adapting to a new, drug-free way of life

It can be tough to come back to society after have been a drug addict, I can attest to that, especially if you never felt you fitted in to begin with.

You have to learn how to be in the world again, because for so long (in my case I was a drug addict for a decade) you were an outsider, so the world is new to you in many ways, and the way you relate to it has changed.

Unfortunately not many drug rehab centers (at least in Scandinavia) focuses much on the after-care, more so on detoxifying and getting clean, but there’s a whole new process that begins after you’re done with the rehab.

Now you have to learn how to live in the world again, and if you don’t have a new path to focus on, new things to do and so on, the risk of relapse is very high.

It’s not enough to just clear your body from the chemical substances, and it’s not enough to get therapy while in rehab.

You must continue the journey once you’re on the outside so to speak, and this next leg on the journey can be just as tough (but obviously in a different way) as the one you had before you were ready to venture out on your own.

This next phase of life can be challenging, especially if you don’t have any continous after-care support and you’re all alone (which many people are after rehab). 

You better have something to focus on, and spiritual growth and self-growth plays a mayor role in this part of the journey

I went to school myself and educated myself in NLP, Life Coaching, and different types of body work modalities, and I continued my passion for self development and spiritual growth. 

It’s my hope that if you have been thinking of your addiction and come to the point in your life when you have had it, that you want to make a change and face your demons, then participate in this healing session.

This healing session can open up a new path and put you on a journey of healing, empowerment and fulfillment in life.

And who knows; hopefully one day you too will be able to share your story with the world and show others that it is possible to live a life of freedom, that healing and full recovery is possible.

It’s amazing to think that it’s fifteen years ago when I went through mine and how different my life looks today.

I’m so grateful to be alive and I know that had I not got the help I needed I would not had been here today.

But I am here today, and I can share my success story with you and I can help you in creating your own and for that I’m incredibly thankful and honored.

If you are ready, I’m here for you.

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Darkness out and Light in: Drug addiction healing support

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