Follow the path of your heart

If it doesn’t align with you – reject it

Say no to what doesn’t align with you.

If you feel resistance and dread towards doing something, don’t force yourself to do it.

The resistance is about you not being true to yourself and that you’re doing or about to do something that is not in alignment with you or true about you.

Our purpose in life is to be ourselves, as fully as we can, and to follow our highest joy, or excitement, and to reject the rest.

Not because the other things are wrong or bad, but simply because they are not you, or for you.

Instead of forcing yourself to like something, don’t even think about it, leave that part to others to whom it resonates, let them enjoy it.

We’re all part of a whole and we all play our own individual parts in the tapestry of Life and our job is to just focus on what’s in alignment for us.

Just do what you are good at or that you actually want to develop and evolve in and leave the rest, even if there are others telling you that you have to do it in a certain way or that their way is the right way to do it.

Your only obligation is towards yourself, to be true to yourself.

Support only the expansion of who you really are and develop the natural interests, skills and talents you already have within you instead or trying to mold yourself into something you’re not.

Hone in on the essence of who you really are are and polish your unique gifts, make them more visible and grow in those areas instead.

Support who you really are by doing the things that you really want to do.

You can just focus on doing what you’re best at and where your true passion is and develop those things.

This is true with everything in life, whatever your path is.

Whatever it is that your unique thing or things are, do those things, focus on what you’re good at and what catches your interest and leave the rest – that way you’ll express the truest you there is to this world.

That’s where the most fun is for you too;

When let your soul come through in the ways that it’s meant to and not in the ways that maybe others or the world wants it to come through or how you ‘think’ it should look like.

Ask yourself:

“What’s truly calling me?” and “what would excite me the most?”, and then do what you would prefer and what’s speaks to you the most.

Don’t force yourself to like something. Life is too short for that kind of thing.

Align with the energies that are in alignment with your passions and interests instead and move from a place inside you where you’re in sync and harmony with your own unique preferences.

Of course, this doesn’t exclude the importance of being curious and trying new things in life. It’s more about sensing when something feels heavy and out of resonance with you versus ego resistance that you have to push through.


If you’re in Costa del Sol in Spain or Gibraltar area be sure to pick up the October 2019 edition of Society Marbella Magazine and read my article about meditation in it (page 40-41).

Society Marbella Magazine October 2019, Kaia Gerber
Society Marbella Magazine, Kaia Gerber.
Society Marbella Magazine, October 2019, Article by Maria Erving
Society Marbella Magazine, Article by Maria Erving, October 2019

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  1. Carolyn

    Hi Maria,
    Thank you this article is helpful! A word that keeps up lately is – simple. And how simple it really can be to follow the things that light me up. This prompted me to take a look how I’ve allowed beliefs or things I’ve been told to influence my path. I’m learning it’s best to just disregard statements that aren’t true for me. I’m also learning how to see through past conditioning to get a sense for when something doesn’t jive vs things that would be good for me to push though. It seems much of the conditioning is – you must struggle and do “x” before proceeding to “y”. One of the best things you’ve taught me is that life doesn’t have to be a struggle. It can be simple.
    Thank you for your words and another insightful article!

  2. Yes, struggle is what we’ve learned but it’s not in alignment with who we really are.

    It’s weird to most people when things are easy or when things comes easily and effortlessly.

    There’s a lot of “do this, don’t do this, you should do it like this” – type of advice out there that only makes people being at war with themselves.

    We’re so bombarded with information and everybody has their own opinions and ways to do everything nowadays (which is great!), but when we’re connected to ourselves we clearly see that it doesn’t matter what other people think or say.

    More and more people are beginning to turn away from all that and are instead turning within to ask themselves what works for them or what they want.

    All the ‘shoulds’ and should nots’ are in the subconscious mind so when you begin to do inner work on your beliefs, that’s when you realize how programmed we are as human beings.

    Alignment is when you’re okay with who you are, when you don’t inflict guilt or shame on yourself thinking that you have to do things a certain “right” way (or not do certain things for that matter), “otherwise it won’t work”.

    The reality is that there’s no argument for one way that you can’t hear in an argument for the other way!

    Everybody has their own opinions and ways things has worked for them, but it doesn’t mean that they will work for you.

    It’s just their truth and only YOUR way (your truth) will work for you, and is actually guaranteed to work for you.

    You don’t have to do things that you feel are forceful, even if others say it’s what you should do.

    If you feel “urgh, I don’t want to do this”, then don’t do it.

    Feelings like that tells you that you’re doing something for somebody else, that you’re trying to please them or that you’re doing something out of obligation.

    Of course, as I always also point out; it’s really important to have self-awareness so you know if it’s your ego talking or actually what your heart is telling you to do or not do.

    When it’s your ego saying “urgh,..” and you have self-awareness enough to see that, you’re able to ignore it and let it have its fits while you go ahead and do the things anyway. 😊

    And when you start listening more and more to yourself you begin moving more and more in harmony with Life, and being in that flow you’ll find that things can be enjoyable, fun, and unfold with much greater ease and with much higher levels of creativity and inspiration as well.

  3. owanifo

    Dear Maria, Thank you for this masterful article. The Test of finality before doing everything that we do is FEELING. “If you are doing anything without peace then you can never have peace after that thing is done by you”- this is the message of Colossians3:17. Feeling is everything because it is our navigational compass through life. Thank you so much for your engaging article. I love you and remain bless

  4. Glad to hear it resonated with you owanifo. 😊 Although I don’t agree entirely with you.

    Of course you can find peace, it doesn’t make any difference what you’ve done, you can always forgive yourself and move on with your life.

    You just have to let go of the limiting belief that tells you that you can never have peace again.

    No need to be riddled with guilt and shame or be beating yourself up forever for something that belongs to the past.

    Better to be kind to yourself and move on with your life as a more evolved human being, that’s one of the purposes of making ‘mistakes’ in life.

    Peace is always available to us, at all times, and to all of us.

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