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Become aware of what energy you surround yourself with

One of the most important things in life is to be around good peeps and energy!

Every day Life is surrounding us with different situations and people that stimulate growth, and the more aware we are, the more we grow.

If being around certain people in your life makes you shrink, or feel smaller and less powerful and happy, then listen to the signals Life is giving you.

Move away from them and any kind of similar energy that you can detect and become aware of, or at least create a healthy distance between you.

Because if you are with someone that complains a lot for example, their negativity will rub off on you and your life can start to seem darker too.

Or it becomes increasingly draining to be with them because you always feel the need to protect your energy when you’re with them. 

We are all affecting each other all the time.

Negativity and toxicity has a way of poisoning our lives if we don’t watch out for the signs and act accordingly in order to protect ourselves. 

Nothing remains the same, Life is on a constant move forward and our work is to be honest with ourselves and move with the changes.

Change will continue to happen, at least in your life if you are a growth-oriented person, and sometimes other people choose to stay in one level of growth while you want to thrive.

So there’s a mismatch and that mismatch is a sign of you growing apart.

It’s a natural progression when you grown and evolve.

Not all people will come with you, and it’s a waste of time trying to drag them along hoping they will ‘adjust’ to your new level of growth. 

They probably won’t (and it’s not your job to change others, only yourself).

Actually many times they will resent you for it and if they have an easily offended ego they will even try to make you feel bad about it.

Most human beings are prone to resist change because it’s uncomfortable.

That’s why we sometimes deny what we know deep within.

We don’t want to see or admit where we need to change, or that something needs to change.

Like for example a relationship that is not good for us..

To be able to make the right choices for ourselves, we only need to look around us and become aware of what energy we surround ourselves with every day. 

As I said, Life presents to us plenty of growth opportunities everyday.

So today I invite you to take an inventory of the people you have in your life.

The whole day pay attention to how other people’s energy affect you.

How it feels to be around certain people, your reactions towards them, and how they affect you in regards to how you behave around them and so on. 

While animals have a closer connection with their natural instinct, human beings usually stop to think and ponder if we can trust the natural instinct or not and by doing that we are easily lead astray by the ego mind.

So pay attention to your energy when it comes to other people today, become keenly aware of how it changes and towards what direction.

Take a deeper look at what happens to you when you’re with someone.

Are you being drained or uplifted, what thoughts do you have, does you behavior change when you’re with them, are you being affected by their negativity or positivity etc.

The more quiet we are, the more observant we become and the more we can observe and notice subtle things happening around us, the more our self-awareness develops and grows.

If you come to realize that the longer you’re away from someone, the happier you feel, or that when you leave them you feel relieved, then take the cue and cut them out of your life.

Anyone you’re around that affects you in a negative way where your mental and emotional harmony and stability declines and your spiritual connection becomes weaker should really not be in your life at all if you want a happy life. 

But if they feel uplifting/inspiring, loving, fun to be with, and you look forward to see them and it makes you happy to think of them, then be with them even more.

Your friends should bring out the best in you and vice versa.

They should be enjoyable to be with and there should be mutual respect between the two of you.

You should be able to be yourself fully and be loved and liked for who you are.

Good friends also tell each other the truth, they are not afraid to call out your BS or tell you when you’re off path, but they do so in a respectful and caring way.

Is this true in your relationships and friendships?

I hope so!

But if not, I strongly suggest that you really pay attention to the energy shifts that happen when you’re with the people in your life today and reassess the relationships you have with them.

Make new, empowering choices for yourself in 2018 when it comes to your relationships. 

Be mindful and choosy about who and what kind of energy you allow into your life because the flow of your life literally depends on it. 

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Create a new, healthy energetic environment for yourself in 2018. Build on the good relationships you have and let go of the draining ones. Protect your happiness and well-being.

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