Religion is Spiritual Immaturity

Sometimes I wonder if religious people are searching the Internet for people and blogs that have a great relationship with God with the only intent to bash them and trying to intimidate or scare others that are coming from a place of self-love and love of God. (And I don’t mean the religious one!).

For example, my blog post about my encounter with Jesus has made some religious fundamentalists boil of anger and fury and I have received emails where they are letting me know that I will go to Hell, and some even called me Satan. 

I’m sorry, but I can’t help but laugh out loud 😀

Religious people (fundamentalists) are such haters.

(And I don’t mean just Christians fundamentalists).

The sad thing in all this is that many people are living in fear of their God.

I would think it’s wonderful to hear about people having had divine encounters..?

Isn’t the Christian people waiting for the second coming of Jesus..?

And then when someone says “Hey, I have met Jesus” they get bashed by the very people who claim to believe in Him and wait for him.


No, not to religious people apparently.

Even ‘normally’ religious people have shun away when I have invited them to share their own stories with me about their own encounters if they have had any.

(To inspire and encourage others that may not feel the presence of “God” in their own lives at times).

Maybe they haven’t had any? I don’t know, but I have definitely felt the ‘oh, my God, she’s a sinner’-vibe from them.

Let me just say this to make it clear once and for all:

I don’t believe in a religious God. I’m not religious and will never become religious. EVER.

So there’s no use in trying to convert me, intimidate me, or scare me. And please don’t pray for me to be “saved”.

I don’t need that.

I would rather go to hell than to a God that has a huge ego that needs to be stroked at all times or else I would have to deal with His wrath. To me that’s just hilarious.

“Religion teaches us that we are sinners and unworthy, and that if we are good (meaning following a particular churches beliefs and rules) then we might get to heaven after we die. Heaven or hell is a choice we make in every instant of our lives, it’s not a punishment or reward for the afterlife!” ~Maria Erving


I believe Jesus and Buddha and other wise and prophetic men and women have lived and still exists to this day (we never really die) but they have nothing to do with religion.

I believe that there are messengers today, as there has been in the past, and will be in the future as well.

They just have different names; there will be other people just like Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and so on for all eternity.

To me religion makes people very narrow minded, there’s no room for growth as you’re basically adopting a specific groups belief-system and making it your own. You may even be born to it and never question it at all.

Religious views shushes your true intelligence down, it represses your own divinity and you are in fact accepting to be told what to believe, and whoa the person who questions those beliefs!

To me spiritual growth is limited by religious beliefs – you can’t really grow beyond what is expected of you to believe in.

There’s no depth.

It’s like being a robot or zombie, mindlessly following a fixed perspective. (Like sheeps following the masses).

Religions are about control, conditioning, submission, designed to train you to put your trust in some deity outside of yourself that you on top of that should fear.

And yes, I have read the Bible. But I don’t anymore.

I have read other religious and spiritual texts as well but I take none of them as truths.

They can be inspiring and interesting, yes, but The Ultimate Truth? No way.

Believing in religious nonsense is just plain stupid; it makes people dumb and deluded, totally limited in their spiritual growth.

I suggest that those peeps took their dogma elsewhere and started their own blog where they can share their views with like-minded people that wants to listen. (I’m not interested).

Here’s an old post I wrote, and only difference is that my relationship with God has become one of Oneness, the subject-object relationship is no longer present.

With that realization the Angels and Spirit Guides went out of my consciousness too as I realized that there is only One and everything and everyone is That.

There’s just different expressions of the same source energy and shows itself in a way that we need to receive it in every moment of life.

I don’t even pray anymore. (Who’s there to pray to when all is One?)

Don’t Try To Pollute My Website With Your Religious Dogma.

So don’t bother sending me emails about your religious beliefs if your intent is anything but positive and friendly, I’m not going to answer them and will probably just point you to this post in the future.

You are very welcome to have different opinions and perspectives than me, but if your comments or emails are plain negative and of the nature I have just described in the post; then don’t bother contacting me.

God Reside Within Each and Every One Of Us. 

PS: And no, I don’t mean ALL religious people are religious nuts – I’m just mentioning the religious people that has contacted me sharing their negative stuff, that’s all.

One of my motto’s are LIVE AND LET LIVE.

Share your negativity elsewhere while I do my thing over here, OK? Thanks!



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  1. Candice

    It’s so true that there are religious nuts! I’m not religious myself, I respect other people and their religion, but it doesn’t mean I am going to believe what they believe in.

  2. Hi Candice,

    Many thanks for your comment.

    Just to point out; I’m not bashing any specific religion, they can all be inspiring in their own ways.

    I believe the spiritual connection to our inner being is growing as people realize who they really are more rapidly now than perhaps ever before, so religion in itself will die out all by itself without us having to do anything specific other than tending to our own connection and then live that out by letting God within be expressed out to the world.

    As I wrote in my post, the reason for it was merely to let religious fundamentalists know that I’m not interested in receiving their emails that are plain negative and not constructive at all.

    Wishing you a great weekend!


  3. Noel

    I agree with you. For me, religion is not that bad. However, it is those fundamentalists that give religion a bad image. Hell, we even have history to prove it.

    My credo is simple. I believe in God, I know he exists and I know that I have to abide with the teachings which means I should not do bad things not only in the eyes of man.

  4. Hi Noel,

    Thanks for commenting!

    Yes, absolutely; the basic thing to remember is that the heart (or Spirit/Soul) would never hurt anyone so whatever path we chose in life (whether it’s a religious path or a spiritual path or whatever) it can’t harm anyone as long as we stay true to the heart/intuition.

    It’s just in it’s nature to be beneficial to everyone, not just the person or individual.

    God is Love and love is free; it doesn’t belong to any creed.

    All the best,


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  6. Shanell

    OMG I ♡ this….Thank you for sharing and I no longer feel alone in my thinking. Growth and Maturation are vital to truly living ♡ Namaste

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