Reviewing The Past Decade (4 questions to ask yourself)

As you know from what I have shared in previous posts, I’m transitioning to the second part of my life, and it’s not even a new chapter but a whole new book! 😀

Lots of things are going on and I have much more to share with you but that comes later when I feel ready.

Today I want to share some really great questions that you can ask yourself when you’re looking back at your life, say maybe even for the past ten years; how things has unfolded in your life, things that has happened, both difficult things and wonderful things.

We all have some pivotal points in our lives that were very important to us, that were life-changing or somehow very significant for us, and one of my big happenings in life was obviously when I got myself into rehab and became free from my drug addiction.

I can’t believe it’s almost a decade and a half ago!

I think I was 29 years old, not sure about the year at the moment but I remember the date; it was January 25th and always, always on that date I have a little celebration within myself – I am so grateful to be alive.

Even now when I write this I get all emotional.

I’m so grateful because I know that I would have died if I had continued on that path, I know it 100%.

I believe we can all think back and at least find a handful (more or less) of those pivotal moments in our life that changed everything.

It can be all kinds of things; maybe one of yours are that you gave birth to a child, or that you moved to another country, or that you got married (or divorced) or maybe you lost everything and then a new life emerged from the ashes of your past life.

We all have them don’t we, we can all look back and find those big moments or happenings that changed everything.

And we can all live many different lives in this life.

I know I have. I have done a lot, experimented a lot, ‘been’ a lot, and I have experienced a lot in my life so far.

Today I was inspired to share with you a few questions that you can ask yourself if you’re in the mood or reviewing – not your whole life – but the past ten years.

The past decade. Think back, how old were you ten years ago? Where were you?

Think back, try to get a somewhat clear picture of the timeline from then to here and now.

Now ask these two questions one at a time:

“What was my greatest growth experience during the past decade of my life?”

“What was my greatest growth lesson during those years?”

For me personally one of the things that has helped me grow a lot the past ten years is the creation of my website.

I’m telling you, there have been times when I have wanted to pull my hair out because it can be technically challenging to say the least, but I feel very proud of the fact that I have built this site all by myself, it’s all me 🙂

I have learned a lot, not only about how to create a website, but of course my writing skills has improved over the years too, my English is better as well and many other positive things has come out of me actually creating my own website.

That’s just one thing on my list to give you an idea of what you can look for in your own life.

Other things in my personal life when it comes to growth experiences is that I have traveled a lot in the past ten years of my life and that has of course given me many opportunities to grow.

The second question “what was my greatest lesson, looking back on the past decade?”;

What was yours?

You can have many but see if you can find a common thread here when you look at all the different.. ehm, .. ‘learning opportunities’ that life has presented to you the past ten years.

And now ask yourself:

“If I could only keep one change from the past ten years, only one, and every other lesson/change/transformation had to be forgotten, which change would I keep?”

I know what mine is, and realizing what it was when I asked myself this question was huge, really huge.

This can be a change that was very difficult for you to make or live through if the change was forced upon you but that you now, as you’re looking back, would not change in a million years.

What was it for you?

Don’t skip this question – you might be surprised what it reveals to you when you’re really looking into it.

Like “wow”-huge 🙂

Next I want to ask you, or ask you to ask yourself: 

What were your 3-5 happiest days in the past decade?

One of mine was when I got my own place when I moved to Spain, my God what a relief that was!

A lot of my most happy times involves having (getting) a place of my own or about moving.

I’ve moved to Spain once before, in 2007-2008 sometime, to Costa Blanca and that was a big step for me too.

And once I even lived in a tiny little caravan in Norway (in the middle of the winter) that had a leaking roof but I was soooo happy to have it, because it was mine, my own place.

What were your happiest days of the past decade? (Feel free to share below in comments!:)


Here are the questions again:

“What was my greatest growth experience during the past decade of my life?”

“What was my greatest growth lesson during those years?”

“If I could only keep one change from the past ten years, which change would I keep?”

“What were your 3-5 happiest days in the past decade?”

I'm in Sedella, Costa del Sol
I’m in Sedella now, up in the mountains taking care of a dog and three cats. This pic is from my morning walk with my new four-legged friend Missy 🙂


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