Right Action

was inspired to write a little bit about what I mean by taking action and go after what you feel in your heart is the right path for you because of what I wrote in one of my previous articles:

This life is yours to live, don’t waste it, start living it (right now) – on your own terms!

And don’t say that “I didn’t succeed because God didn’t want me to” or “the stars are not favorable for me right now”, or “my Guru said that…” – No, you give it one more go!

Because you want it and because you believe in yourself as being the author of your life and happiness. 

If it is something you really want and value as important to you, then let nothing stop you”.

I don’t mean this in a way that one should push and force oneself forward – what I mean is that when things seem very challenging and when doubt creeps in; don’t give in to that, but turn your attention to stillness (and not forceful action) because it’s from a calm state of being right action is born.

It does not come from a frantic and desperate place of “this has to go my way and I’ll do anything to make it work!”.

That’s coming from a place of fear, but when we instead stop and turn away from the difficulties by consulting our inner wisdom who knows everything, then we then can come from a place of peace, and that’s where right action comes from.

Right action comes from inspiration and not motivation or desperation.

When we have faith in what we are trying to accomplish, then that faith is what holds our vision up when things get tough or challenging. Then faith does the work and you let it do its work by trusting it.

Because there are times when we really want to move forward but we are unable to, and if someone is dedicated to Truth then it’s impossible to do things out of fear and worry.

I personally can’t move an inch coming from that state of mind.

Whatever I have attempted to do by merely my own will (I know this from past experiences), like for example write an article because I have felt I ‘should’ because it has been a while since I last wrote one, then it has never come out right at all, and it’s not even enjoyable, so I have learned to wait. 

And sometimes I get impatient (still do) because there’s a desire in me that really wants to share and be active, but sometimes the inspiration is not fully present and I just have to wait.

So I do that.

The difference now is that I have learned to wait peacefully knowing that suddenly the surge of inspiration once again comes up with so much power that I sometimes almost can’t keep up with it! 🙂

I have learned that when I accept the ‘waiting’-time, action comes forth quicker and it always comes from a place of love and joy and I’m bursting with inspiration. 

But all my work has to be, and is, built on a rock of faith, and there’s power in that because the faith that I have allows me to withdraw peacefully and trustingly when I feel that the energies are to be directed inwardly and not so much outwardly.

I can do that with absolute confidence that there is no rush or need to accomplish something in a certain time frame. I know that what needs to be done will be done when it’s suppose to be done, and my ‘job’ is to be attentive to the promptings within me (which I naturally am).

So we should definitely pursuit our desires and purposes and so on with a fearless heart but it has to be a calm heart, not a stressful heart.

To live with faith is to know (not wish) that you will succeed in whatever it is that you feel called to do.

So in that sense, yes, we should strive and ‘go for it’, but the moment things start to feel strained or pushy we need to stop and get back to stillness and then from that stillness new, right action will be shown.

You always return to the wisdom within when things get slightly out of flow and you readjust yourself, or let yourself be readjusted back to Truth by seeking out peace and calmness first and foremost; that should be our number one priority in all our doings.

Then suddenly action arises and you’re inspiration soars! It always happens that way.

That’s from where to create, that’s where the real substance comes from that makes things come alive.

While the other way (force and strive) only produces results that are dull and boring, flat and uninspired, and they never touch any hearts in a real way at all.

When centered in faith, you will become a strong and powerful yet peaceful force in this world and you don’t have to be troubled about your success or failure, because success will surely come.

When we know that there’s no hurry, although eagerness can be there (and often is) but that doesn’t have to evolve into frustration if we are aware of how creation can come forth in ways that are wonderful and joyous. 

No anxiety will be able distort your vision, and you will be able to work joyfully, knowing that the right actions and efforts is always at hand, all you have to do is to trust the stillness from where they come.

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