The Right Way To Pray

Who cares what and who you pray to! Well, ego does, ego thinks its “God” is the right one, but still, it doesn’t matter.

Or even if you pray at all. There’s no “ritual” needed at all. No hands that needs to be folded or anything.

It’s all you talking with and to yourself, God speaking to him/it/herself, and that can be a continuous prayer that is in everything, in every movement on every level of your being.

It’s all the One anyway, just different expressions of the One.

Which we are, there is no God, nor angels or a Jesus-character ‘out there’, we are all of it.

And “Jesus” is not ‘coming back’, he’s already here, right now; within you.

It’s a state of consciousness, the Buddha nature, which we are.


Whatever works for you; if Jesus is your thing; good for you. If it resonates with you to fold your hands in prayer, then do that, but don’t say that that’s the one and only right way, because it surely isn’t.

Others pray and talk to angels, some others talk with Krishna, Buddha, or whatever label you want to give the One and the same – whatever your preferences are, that’s what’s right for you.

Live and let live. No one is wrong and no one is right. Everything simply ‘is’, can’t we just let it be?

I have personally prayed a lot in my life, not to a conceptual God, but to the higher power who lives me. I was saved by an angel when I was 15 years old, and I have met Jesus, and he spoke to me a few years ago.

Even if they were extraordinary experiences, I now know that the way Life (Or “God”) expressed itself to me at those moments in my life was in ways that was right for me at the moment and that’s that.

I have been lead by angels to the void of nothingness in the process of my spiritual awakening – and I communicated with them, I felt the differences between their energies and so on, and after I came out of the void, the beliefs I had held about angels and archangels were completely wiped out of my consciousness.

I could only perceive the One, and that included them all, they were all the same. And still are.

So I don’t “pray”-pray anymore. It felt weird to be praying when I knew I was talking with myself, and when I knew that all is exactly as it’s suppose to be so what is there to ask/pray for?

My prayers today are – well, first of all, I say “thank you God” like a million times everyday, for everything.

Not for any particular reason other than the fact that I feel a whole different appreciation for pretty much everything and I oftentimes go around feeling an overwhelming gratitude for Life itself.

But my so called prayers nowadays are very different, they are more about listening actually and a sincere desire of the heart to only see that which is real and true, whatever it is in the present moment.

I’m here. I don’t find myself looking too much to the future, as I know it’s an illusion. And I don’t even feel the need to. Life is Now.

So prayer for me now is more of a way of being than something I ‘do’ if that makes sense. It’s a constant, ongoing communion.

Truthfully, I have trouble explaining it, there’s no words to describe it.

It doesn’t matter. It’s not important.

And it’s not important who or what you pray to. Or ‘how’ or anything.

Prayer is communication with the One, who speaks to Itself, and what form or expression that takes makes no difference.

It’s all about where you are, and what resonates with you.

There are no wrong ways to prayer.

Actually; here’s the truth about the right way to pray:

Your way.

That’s it.

Your way is the right way – for you.

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