Being Rigid About Spiritual Practices

Many times people give away their power to other people, people who they perceive as authority, and that can include spiritual teachers, Guru’s, Priests, or they give away their power to imaginary entities like a God, Goddess, or Satan, or things like Tarot cards, crystals, astrology or whatever it might be.

‘Something’ outside of themselves, in the hope of some kind of deliverance, salvation, rapture, or experience of cosmic oneness and so on – thinking that that ‘something’ is what will help them cope with life or to feel better.

Whatever it is; it’s always about power and authority, not looking to your own Self for Truth but to continuously learn a new technique or tool that promises happiness and freedom.

This makes the ego feel good, it loves to have a new tool or technique to master, it loves having something new to do and the ego will do anything to survive and so this is how the spiritual industry continues to thrive.

It’s like a new religion. 

Truth is that you can get more and more spiritual without never waking up because you just blindly follow everything your ego tells you to do.

I recently received an email from someone and with their permission I’ll post parts of our email conversation and then I’ll address this a little bit more below.

Basically I noticed a rigidity in the spiritual practice this person does and suggested a break from it (among other things).

This is what they wrote me:

.. Yes I feel I am bit rigid about my practices but they ask you to do it daily at least once.

And in my current state I don’t know whether I can trust my intuition or not, but I will give at least a 48 hrs or more gap this time, as what you are saying makes sense, so might as well give it a go.

But if you are correct then why do they insist on being regular with one’s practices as I think it helps open up the heart and lessen the ego, at least that’s what they tell.

What do you think about this?

I’m doing this Yogic Kriya just to regain back my original mental state from which I then can focus on meditation or go deep more properly.”

This is the question I want to ask each and everyone of you who are more or less forcing yourself to do all kinds of spiritual practices;

Doing Yogic practices like Kriya, starving yourself (also called ‘fasting’) in order to get closer to God, sitting in different postures while meditating thinking it’s ‘the right way’, abstaining from sex in order to .. whatever that’s suppose to be good for; whatever it is;

Who is doing all this?

Who is doing Yogic Kriya, who is meditating, who is letting go, who is surrendering, who is doing whatever spiritual thing that it is that you do?

And who is it that believes that they have to ‘get back their original mental state’ before they can learn to meditate and go deeply ‘properly’ as the person who wrote to me believes? 

Who is that?

All these different types of spiritual tools and techniques by all these different kinds of Swamis, teachers and Guru’s are all about the ego teaching your ego how to cope with life, that’s what it is.

If there is rigidity and strain involved rest assured it’s the ego’s game altogether. 

But you can’t see that until you actually look, that’s the thing, and most people never look.

To say that you’re going to take a “48 hour break” is again just the ego kind of allowing you to take a break, but it’s still the ego that is in charge, monitoring your “break”. 

And this 48 hour break will do you no good when you do this just to please me (not that I suggested it should be 48 hours) so you might as well just continue doing your spiritual practice even if it makes more sense not to.

Because not until you see who is forcing this practice upon you you won’t be able to free yourself from it. 

This circle can only be broken when you start following your own inner voice and not what other people tell you, or suggest you to do. 

You are the authority in your life.

And you can learn to feel the difference between healthy discipline and obligation, it’s a matter of learning to trust the intuitive voice within you and it never demands things from you, never.

Ego on the other hand demands.

That’s why you can never be free with the help of the tools that the ego gives you, no matter how much they promise. 

And everybody’s path is different, for example in the group where I received my Reiki initiation many years ago there were many people who didn’t go ahead with the 21-days self-healing part but there were no one there with a whip demanding that they must do it.

Some did and some didn’t, and maybe the ones who didn’t will do it later when the time is right for them.

The same goes with the Yogic Kriya initiation too; you should follow your own timing with thing and not what others tell you that you have to do. 

And we all learned the Chakra system of course as that’s part of Reiki but that too is a belief system, it’s just a theory that people have agreed upon to believe it’s true.

So for example, I use the word Chakra sometimes because I can feel and sense energy in different locations in an individual but that doesn’t mean that I believe in a system that I learned over a decade ago. 

I just know intuitively where there are differences in people’s energy and how to work with that, but I have no name for it, it doesn’t have a name.

Here’s the thing; it’s about being committed to Truth and not to a technique, tool or practice.

It has to feel right (not necessarily ‘good’, but always ‘right’) for you because if it doesn’t then I can guarantee that it is the ego that in charge and not the real you.

There’s nothing wrong with doing whatever it is that you do; affirmations, yogic stuff, breathing techniques, mantras, therapy, burning incense at an altar where you have images of swamis and sages, whatever it may be, it’s not ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’.

Do whatever resonates for as long as it resonates and then just let it go and move on because what spiritual awakening leads to is to nothing; no tools, no techniques, no Guru’s, no Swamis, no nothing.

Nothing but stillness, and that’s the only ‘tool’ you need.

Learn how to listen to the stillness within you and you’ll always be alright. 

So nothing is ‘wrong’, but the problem is when all the different spiritual things that you do becomes a chore, a duty, a must, or an obsession in order to obtain something like enlightenment for example.

And most of all because of the fact that most people never question anything, they just blindly believe and follow whatever the ego throws at them. 

You can go to therapy too for years and years and never really get anywhere if you don’t look deeper, if you never ask who it is that has a past that still makes them suffer, or who it is that is depressed or suicidal, who it is that has anxiety or some other disorder.

Who is that?

Who does all the spiritual things; the chanting of mantras, the running around from this psychic to that astrologer and so on?

All the things you do; who is it that does them?

It’s all ego; it’s completely self-absorbed and self- indulgent, and it is it who wants to have the third eye opened and be radiantly glowing with spiritual attainment, it’s the ego who wants to attain enlightenment and Nirvana. 

Again, it’s not wrong, that’s the natural unfolding of things usually and everything serves your awakening but eventually all tools will be dropped and until then, by all means, do whatever you feel like doing, learn to bend forks for all I care, but if it goes into rigidity then I really invite you to ask deeply who it is that is doing all the spiritual things that you do. 

Everything happens for an evolutionary reason but in order to actually evolve you need to learn to listen to and trust your intuitive knowing.

Don’t be afraid of questioning your teachers, Gurus, priests and so on, and also question every belief you hold about the technique or spiritual practice that you do.

We don’t have to do things just because an ”authority” tells us to do them.

What we do need to do is to observe what happens in our body and intuition when we’re asked to do something; get to know the difference between your ego voice and your true voice, and continuously ask questions; want Truth more than anything else.

In reality we don’t really make decisions, and we don’t have to, but we do have to learn how to distinguish between what it is in reality that is steering our existence; the ego or the true nature of who we are.

Either the ego makes decisions for us, or we go with our intuitive knowing.

That’s how ‘choice’ happens, so always go for the biggest “yes”. 

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  1. Mark

    Whenever a teacher or practice becomes too demanding of you it is time to reevaluate. What the questioner is describing I have experienced as well, and I know it is my cue to move on. “When the student is ready the master will appear” is true up to a point. Gurus are projected versions of the Self who lives within. As long as we identify with the body and not the Self, external gurus/practices are necessary. We don’t see the answers within, so they must be somewhere else – in another person/practice/book, and we look there. Teachers, books and practices are helpful though, they can speed up the ripening process. But what you are searching for is to find out the truth, that you are your own Guru. Any true teacher will tell you this, Maria just did. Think about it, you don’t come with an owner’s manual, because you already have everything you need. No scripture, no guru, no sadhana will save you. When you see what they all point to, you’ll save yourself.

  2. Yes, definitely be aware of the cues as they are always there.

    It’s when we don’t listen to the inner voice that tells us that it’s time to move on that we experience suffering or stagnation, but the same goes the other way around too;

    When we don’t pay attention to the inner promptings that tells us to listen to that teacher (not rigidly!), read that book, whatever it is, it’s all in front of us always, showing us the way.

    It’s always about following your own inner (true) flow of things.

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