My week in Rishikesh so far

Rishikesh is really a mecca for spiritual seekers: everywhere you turn you’ll see spiritual stuff, literally everywhere.

Healing, Ayurveda, astrology, ear cleaning men offering their services here and there (whatever that is good for, have no idea), singing bowls, bookstores etc, and Yoga of course.

I’m personally not into any of those things and went to a bookstore yesterday too but couldn’t relate to any of the spiritual books anymore, many of them already read by me in the past, but I tried to find one that could interest me but it’s gone.

The only time I speak or write about spirituality now is when it’s triggered by requests, like if someone wants to talk with me or if they ask me questions.

But for people interested in spirituality, Rishikesh is the place to go, and it’s not as new agey as I had imagined before I got here.

And there’s a lot of other things to do here as well, not just “spiritual” stuff.

The other day for example I went on a sunrise trekking up to a temple and we (12 people from different countries all over the world) watched the sun rise over the Himalaya’s, it was really beautiful.

It was freezing cold (around zero degrees C) and after we had breakfast by the temple we walked back to Rishikesh and saw waterfalls and beautiful nature on the hike which was around 5 hours or so.

The temperature differences are really big at night and during the day here; at night it can be around +1 C and then during the day +20 C.

There’s a possibility to see elephants, tigers and cobra’s here too – eek! Didn’t see any on the trekking but I think it’s best not to wander too deep into the woods alone here without a guide.

I don’t think I have to say anything about the food here, it’s simply delicious, not one dish I have had have been anything but really really good! 🙂

Cost of rooms at this time of the year are between 200-400 Rupees and up until now I have had a bed in a dorm with 5 other people from all kinds of countries; France, Chile, Portugal, Australia, and many more, and it has been a great experience.

It has been fun to meet other travelers and talk with different people and hear about their plans and travel experiences but tomorrow I’m checking out and moving to a private room in a more peaceful area outside of Laxman Jhula here in Rishikesh.

I look forward to it very much and will probably post a pic of my room on Instagram too when I get there.

And the Ganges river, .. it’s interesting to watch people and their rituals and the Indian culture is facinating, but like everywhere else there’s fundamentalists here too even if Rishikesh is a very laid back little town and people are generally very friendly and open.

Today a woman (American I think) did a ritual by the Ganges and when she was done I asked her what she had just done (because I was curious) and she started to talk about all kinds of weird things about the river and when I said that I don’t see any river more holier than another, they are all the same to me and that really upset her.

Anyways, she shared some weird beliefs with me and I finally just had to stop her and say ‘thank you for sharing’ and that I wasn’t interested in arguing about anything.

Funny how people are sometimes, it was like I was offending a friend of hers that she felt the need to defend (because I didn’t share her beliefs, not because of something I said).

Anyways, it has been an interesting experience here so far but now I look forward to some warmer weather!

Next week I’m going to Goa, and next week I also have a laptop (hopefully) so that I can write more and do all the other stuff that I do (including editing my previous posts as I know they are full of typos etc).

More to come, .. stay tuned 🙂

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